Do Law Firms Use HubSpot?

Published on December 14, 2022
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Written by Jan Hill

A CRM helps simplify sales, marketing activities, customer service, accounting processes, and management for growing organizations. HubSpot can be an excellent CRM (customer relationship management) system for small businesses looking to enhance customer service, increase efficiency, and cut costs — but it is not to be mistaken for Small Law Firm CRM.

Why Do Companies Use HubSpot CRM?

Companies use CRM for many reasons, but the overall goal is to improve the customer experience and increase sales. According to HubSpot’s Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics for 2022:

  • Sixty-one percent of overperforming leaders say they are using a CRM to automate at least a portion of their sales process compared to 46% of underperforming leaders.
  • The global CRM market is poised to reach about $113.46 billion by the end of 2027.
  • Approximately 62% of marketers use CRM software for marketing reporting.

What is HubSpot best used for?

HubSpot CRM solves many challenges of business growth by automating contact management, company, and sales opportunity information and consolidating customer interactions through email, phone calls, social media, and the company’s website. HubSpot’s CRM also offers numerous free features, including:

  • Reporting dashboard. HubSpot’s dashboard provides a single source of truth to connect a company’s contact, company, and deal data alongside its marketing, sales, and service information. In addition, users can build up to 300 dashboards to help team members customize their layout and track progress.
  • Company insights. HubSpot’s CRM automatically populates details from its database of over 20 million businesses – all you need is a prospect’s corporate email address. Filters help users find whatever they’re looking for, whether contained in a sales call, email, note, or social media activity. Multiple users can access the information.
  • Deal tracking. HubSpot's deal tracking software clarifies how much revenue is tied up in each step of the sales cycle, how much sales reps are responsible for, and details regarding new or incoming deals as they move through the pipeline.
  • Pipeline management. HubSpot’s deal pipeline software is part of Sales Hub, and you can get started for free. However, for teams looking for more advanced CRM features, HubSpot's Sales Hub also offers premium features with its Starter, Professional, and Enterprise editions.

Given all these notable features, you might be wondering, “is Hubspot really free?” While HubSpot does boast a freemium version, the features and functionality necessary to adequately manage marketing, intake, and case management processes in a law firm are beyond what the business-agnostic software provides.

Is there a better CRM than HubSpot?

Although HubSpot can be a useful generic CRM for startups and small businesses, there is a better CRM than HubSpot. Law firms should consider seeking out a legal-specific CRM like Lawmatics, which is tailored to the law firm business model with bespoke features and functionality such as:

  • Custom workflows. With Lawmatics’ all-in-one legal CRM, you can seamlessly move leads through the client intake process with custom marketing automation workflows. Our technology is designed to simplify the process and eliminate chaos while making a positive impression on your future clients.
  • Swift, seamless intake. Lawmatics makes it easy to create your own intake process and efficiently capture the client information you need with a custom client intake form template for law firms. By establishing a clear and consistent process for client intake, your firm will save time, eliminate errors, and keep everyone in your practice on the same page.
  • Instant appointment scheduling. No more asking, “What time works for you?” Instead, allow your leads and clients to book time on your calendar hassle-free with Lawmatics legal calendaring software that syncs with the cloud to manage your calendar in real-time and provides access to notes, data, and phone reminders. Clients can easily schedule and cancel meetings themselves, keeping everyone on the same page and on time.
  • Targeted communications. With Lawmatics audience segmentation software, you can send personalized messaging and email drip marketing campaigns to specific groups of prospects and clients. Client list segmentation allows firms to target distinct groups of people and deliver personalized content based on their actual needs and challenges.
  • Granular insights. Lawmatics visual legal data analytics allows firms to examine their data and make smarter decisions. Lawmatics law firm financial dashboard and visual analytics save you time by displaying your law firm's trends with clear visuals at both macro and micro levels. In addition, visual analytics provide greater insight into your internal processes so that you can motivate your staff in the right ways.

With these and other powerful tools, Lawmatics leverages the power of data to help law firms become more efficient and productive.

What CRM Do Lawyers Use? Lawmatics is the #1 Legal Software for Growing Firms

Is your law firm looking to drive efficiency, attract more high-quality prospects, increase client engagement, and accelerate growth? Lawmatics is the attorney-client relationship management platform for law firms. If steady revenue growth is your goal, request a demo today.

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