Lawmatics v. Captorra

See how Lawmatics outmatches Captorra on client intake, marketing automation and client relationship management.

The right CRM platform won’t leave work on your plate.

The right legal CRM means the difference between law firm efficiency and being bogged down by administrative tasks. We looked at how Lawmatics and Captorra compare in regards to CRM capabilities, client intake, law firm marketing automation, and data legal reporting and analytics.
Legal Reporting Software


Lawmatics is a legal CRM platform built for the modern practice. Lawmatics offers comprehensive intake and marketing automation solutions in addition to reporting and analytics for true efficiency and productivity. If you’re still doing intake and marketing tasks manually, you’re taking time away from your clients and your firm’s bottom line.


Captorra is a lead and case management software designed to help you keep track of your cases. Captorra lacks Lawmatics' more comprehensive approach to automation, meaning more work for you keeping tabs on tedious administrative tasks and less time practicing law.
We looked at the features of both platforms to help you decide which legal CRM is best suited for your law firm.





Put tedious tasks on autopilot.

With custom workflow automations you can use the data you want to trigger the completion of specific tasks at the click of a button.

Custom Automations


Lose control over your firm’s unique workflows.

Inflexible automation options leave you at the will of the software instead of in control.


Clients love the convenience, you love fewer no-shows.

Automated appointment scheduling is convenient for your clients and minimizes the no-shows and email tag that slow you down.

Automated Appointment Scheduling


Play email and phone tag.

Without automated scheduling, you are stuck in the perpetual loop of email and phone tag every day just to get a meeting scheduled.


No more wasting time hunting down your clients to get the documents you need.

Lawmatics file request software gets you the documents you need from your clients, when you need them.

Automated File Requests


More email and phone tag.

Time to call your client back again to get them to send you the documents needed to evaluate their matter.


Give your clients direct access to you and your staff.

Clients appreciate the ability to reach you instantly and directly with 2-way SMS messaging for law firms.

2-Way SMS/Text Messaging


Without 2-way SMS, you’re outdated.

Today’s consumer expects the convenience of easy contact on their terms. Texting has become standard practice. You need a CRM that can meet the demands of today’s clients.


Sit back and convert leads with ease.

Email drip campaigns make sure the right person is getting the right message at the right time.

Email Drip Campaigns


Long to-do lists.

Lawyers are good multitaskers. That doesn’t mean you should have to remember to manually follow up on every lead that reaches out to the firm.


Grow your firm without having to lift a finger.

Put your email marketing on autopilot and watch the magic happen dynamic email workflows.

Dynamic Email Workflows


Limited workflow management.

You’re going to need a third-party email marketing tool to add to your technology puzzle.


Give every client the special treatment.

Audience segmentation software groups your clients based on their unique needs, allowing you to deliver more value with each interaction.

Audience Segmentation


Data you can’t work with.

Without audience segmentation software, you are left with a ton of data that is difficult to utilize.


Get insight on your firm’s business development efforts.

Lawmatics law firm goal tracking lets you know in an instant how your business is growing.

Goal Tracking


Goal tracking eats up time.

Even though the data is there, it’s still on you to track your progress against your key performance indicators.


Free and easy.

Lawmatics’ dedicated team will help you migrate your data, free of charge.

Data Migration


Add that to the list to negotiate.



Our customer support is a part of your team.

Personable, knowledgeable support team that takes the to learn your firm’s unique needs.



Typical tech company customer tickets.

Get in line.

Final verdict



Intuitive and comprehensive
Lawmatics is easy to use and checks boxes that competitors like Captorra simply ignore. Lawmatics gives you customizable control over all steps of the client journey and marketing so you can generate more leads and sign those leads faster.
True automation capabilities
Lawmatics automation capabilities take care of the labor intensive administrative tasks on your to-do list like appointment scheduling, email drip campaigns, and file requests.
Individualized client attention
Features such as audience segmentation and 2-way SMS messaging help each client feel like your only client, because no one wants to feel like they have to compete for your attention.


Limited customization
With Captorra you have limited control over your user experience. You’re stuck using a pre-selected list of “best practices” that ignore your unique needs. One option might be good enough, but will still fall short of total control.
Reporting insights that stop short
The data is there, but Captorra makes it hard to work with. Compared to Lawmatics which provides easy-to-use tools for crafting insightful reports to help you monitor the health of your firm’s growth and crush your goals.

It’s easy to see why lawyers love Lawmatics.

I highly recommend and endorse Lawmatics. If you are looking for a software to manage the entire client journey step by step, it is the best one I’ve seen on the market. Their customer service and support are excellent. Take the time to learn the system and set it up because it’s well worth the effort.
— Bill Miller, Esq. • Miller Estate and Elder Law
I had been moving toward a virtual practice for a long time, and the additional time [during the pandemic] has been a blessing in disguise. Lawmatics has accelerated my practice in ways I couldn’t have imagined! It has allowed me to focus on the high-level goal of planning and setting up my transition to the role of CEO for my firm. It’s incredibly exciting.
— Bill Farias, Esq. • Farias Family Law, P.C