Lawmatics v. Lead Docket

Learn why Lawmatics is the preferred solution to Lead Docket for client intake, marketing automation and client relationship management.

Choosing the right automation software for your law firm is critical for efficiency and growth.

While Lawmatics and Lead Docket are both considered a CRM for lawyers, a deeper look into Lawmatics and Lead Docket reveals major differences between the two software systems. Lawmatics goes far beyond what Lead Docket can do, with additional features such as drip email automation, digital e-signatures, and custom forms, allowing you to increase your day-to-day efficiency with all the tools you need to manage and grow your practice.
Legal Reporting Software


Lawmatics offers a powerful and comprehensive solution for client intake and client management, as well as powerful automation, marketing, and law firm analytics that gives you all the tools you need to enjoy expansive growth for your practice The dynamic platform offers extensive features so you can automate repetitive tasks and increase your marketing efforts, freeing up more time for you to practice law and grow your firm.

Lead Docket

While Lead Docket is a CRM, it lacks critical automation features such as drip campaigns, custom forms, and e-signatures. This means that attorneys spend more time doing busy work and tedious administrative tasks that cut into your firm’s revenue and growth.
We’ve put together a list of comparisons between products, price points, features, integrations, and more to help you choose the best legal CRM platform for your growing law firm.



Lead Docket


Elevate the client experience while saving time and money with custom automations.

Save time and bring structure to your practice. From the initial lead capture to retaining a client, Lawmatics custom automations allow you to build custom automations that ensure nothing gets lost in the daily shuffle- resulting in more leads and happier clients.

Custom Automations

Lead Docket:

Lacks integral custom automations.

Lack of custom automations means you will spend more time on tedious tasks, including getting leads, signing clients, and managing existing clients.


Custom forms means means a more streamlined experience for you and your clients.

From customizable layouts to data sources and elements, legal forms are completely in your control — allowing you to to turn more leads into clients!

Custom Forms

Lead Docket:

Cookie cutter forms leave your hands tied.

Lead Docket doesn’t have custom fields to design unique forms for your practice. This leaves you hassling your leads and clients to get the information you need to handle their matter.


Lawmatics smart and simple appointment scheduling solution organizes and manages your calendar.

With law firm appointment scheduling, you can simply sync your Outlook or Google calendar and allow clients to choose a meeting time that works around your existing schedule.

Automated Appointment Scheduling

Lead Docket:

Potentially lose clients due to inefficient processes and manual follow ups.

Lead Docket doesn’t have automated appointment scheduling, meaning you’ll spend more time chasing leads via email and phone.


Stay organized with automated file requests. Get the files you need quickly and securely.

Get the files you need securely and quickly with Lawmatics innovative file request tool. This means less time requesting files from clients and more time working on client matters and growing your firm.

Automated File Requests

Lead Docket:

Spend more tracking down files.

Lead Docket doesn’t have automated file requests- which means you’ll spend more time on the phone trying to get your clients to send you the files you need to evaluate and resolve their matter.


Increase efficiency with digital signature software.

Our law firm document assembly and e-signature tool is built in to let you create esign legal documents, and store all of your documents and agreements in one space.


Lead Docket:

More manual follow up to get things signed.

You will need to add an e-sign tool to Lead Docket in order to get that functionality.


Reach leads and clients where they are- right in their inbox!

Easily set up drip email automation for sending personalized, scheduled and targeted emails. Win new and repeat business using Lawmatics drip marketing campaigns for law firms.

Email Drip Campaigns

Lead Docket:

No email drip campaigns.

Lead Docket makes marketing harder without the ability to run email drip campaigns to your leads and clients.


Wow your clients with dynamic email workflows in just minutes.

An innovative visual interface helps you build personalized emails and convert leads into clients using powerful automated email workflows.

Innovative Email Workflows

Lead Docket:

Lacks automatic email workflows.

Lead Docket doesn’t have email workflows. You’ll spend more time with tedious back and forth and follow ups.


Make your marketing efforts smarter.

Our easy to use audience segmentation software allows you to segment your clients as you see fit, and then use these segments to send highly targeted messages.

Audience Segmentation

Lead Docket:

Zero audience segmentation.

Lead Docket doesn’t offer audience segmentation, which means you won’t be able to make the most of marketing campaigns without manually organizing all of your contacts. This prevents you from sending highly targeted and relevant messages to different audiences in a timely manner.


Reach your goals with law firm goal tracking software.

Lawmatics attorney goal tracking software allows you to identify key performance indicators and use advanced analytics to accelerate your law firm's goals.

Goal Tracking

Lead Docket:

You can’t reach your goals without setting and tracking them.

Lead Docket doesn’t have goal tracking software, leaving you in the dark on data you need to inform decisions and reach your goals.


Data migration that is reliable.

Lawmatics has an experienced team to ensure your transition from Lead Docket or any other CRM.

Data Migration

Lead Docket:

Data migration at a hefty cost.

Lead docket does have data migration, but it comes at a heavy price and time commitment (up to 90 days).


Dedicated customer support team at no extra cost.

Reach Lawmatics dedicated support team through email, phone, and live chat.


Lead Docket:

Support center and emails.

If you need help with Lead Docket, you’ll have to take the DIY approach, or go back and forth with email.

Final verdict



Powerful and innovative features
Lawmatics has all the tools you need for intake and marketing built in.. This means more automation, stronger marketing tools, and more potential for growth. Don’t waste time on tedious administrative tasks when you can automate your business practices. Tools like custom forms, document assembly for lawyers, e-signatures, custom automations, and appointment scheduling mean you spend less time on tasks that eat away at the bottom line and more time on clients and growth.
Advanced marketing tools
With automated email workflows, customer segmentation, and drip campaigns, Lawmatics helps you enjoy effortless growth for your law firm. Marketing reports and analytics means you can track what works and what doesn’t- so you’re always using your marketing resources wisely.
Dedicated Support and Training
A dedicated support team is always there for you, whether it’s during onboarding or making the most out of your CRM and marketing efforts. With live chat, email, and phone support, you can get your issues resolved quickly. Plus, there are a ton of tools for training so you can make the most out of your investment!

Lead Docket

Lacks Integral Features
Lead Docket lacks integral features like drip campaigns, email workflows, audience segmentation, and more. This means you’ll spend more time doing manual work and less time on client matters and growing your practice.
Less Automation
Lead Docket lacks automated tools, like e-signature and intake and marketing workflows. This means you’ll be spending more time doing manual tasks, resulting in decreased efficiency and frustrated clients.

It’s easy to see why lawyers love Lawmatics.

I highly recommend and endorse Lawmatics. If you are looking for a software to manage the entire client journey step by step, it is the best one I’ve seen on the market. Their customer service and support are excellent. Take the time to learn the system and set it up because it’s well worth the effort.
— Bill Miller, Esq. • Miller Estate and Elder Law
I had been moving toward a virtual practice for a long time, and the additional time [during the pandemic] has been a blessing in disguise. Lawmatics has accelerated my practice in ways I couldn’t have imagined! It has allowed me to focus on the high-level goal of planning and setting up my transition to the role of CEO for my firm. It’s incredibly exciting.
— Bill Farias, Esq. • Farias Family Law, P.C