Grow your book of business with Marble Law + Lawmatics

Lawmatics is collaborating with Marble Law to offer co-counsel opportunities to Family Law attorneys seeking to grow their practice. Marble Law provides a steady stream of cases and does all the administrative heavy lifting, so you can focus on helping clients. Apply to join today.
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How to Apply


Submit Your Info

Fill out the inquiry form (above) to become a co-counsel applicant.


Ace the Interview

Speak with the Marble Law team, who will determine if there is room to collaborate.


Attend Orientation

Learn what you need to do to thrive with Marble Law.


Start Working Cases

Accept cases based on your bandwidth and start earning.
*All applicants must have min. 3 years experience practicing Family Law and are subject to a background check.

Run a profitable practice without the administrative hurdles

Earn a steady, competitive income and make sure you’re compensated for your work. The more cases you take on, the more you earn — it’s simple. Marble Law handles all billing and collections, so you get paid without needing to chase down clients for unpaid balances.
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Grow and Scale Your Business

Grow & scale at your own pace

Whether you want to scale your law firm, manage cases more efficiently, or increase your profits, Marble Law can help you achieve your business goals. With pre-qualified clients at your disposal, you decide the rate at which you grow.
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Manage cases with complete freedom and flexibility

It’s your law practice. You dictate how much work to take on at any given time. Marble Law co-counsels have full autonomy over their caseload, location, and hours to create the work-life balance that best suits their lifestyle.
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Frequently asked questions

What are the eligibility requirements to collaborate with Marble Law as a co-counsel?

All applicants must be licensed to practice in their state, have a minimum of three years experience practicing Family Law, and pass a background check.

How are attorneys who collaborate with Marble compensated for their services?

Marble Law operates on a limited scope model where each service has a flat fee. Attorneys with Marble Law get paid a percentage for each service they work on. Marble Law pays 33% upfront and the remainder once the work is completed.

Are there any costs or fees associated with Marble Law?

No, it’s completely free for attorneys.

How many cases can I expect from Marble Law?

Your case volume depends entirely on your location and market. You’ll get full details of your allotted volume during your interview with the managing attorney in your market.

Can I keep taking on cases outside of Marble Law?

Absolutely. Whether you’re working at a law firm or as a solo practitioner, you are free to continue taking on any cases you want.

What makes Marble different from a referral service program?

Sourcing clients is a small part of what Marble Law does. They also handle client intake, payments, collections, and a wide variety of paralegal and administrative tasks.

What happens if a client doesn’t pay?

Marble Law handles billing and collections. You never need to worry about not being compensated even if clients don’t pay or refuse to pay.

Can I turn down cases?

Absolutely. You have complete freedom to review each case and its details before you decide whether or not to accept the case.

Do I have to use my Lawmatics account to work with Marble Law?

Once you start collaborating with Marble Law on cases, you’ll get access to a separate Lawmatics account and will be using that account on all Marble-related cases. You will have your existing Lawmatics account as well as an exclusive Lawmatics account for Marble.

Will my Marble Law cases show up in my own Lawmatics account?

No, your Marble cases will show up in a separate Lawmatics account that will be used for Marble Law cases only.