Interactive Webinar

6 Essential Rules for Frictionless Law Firm Billing

Billing Fundamentals for Attorneys

May 18, 2022 | 11:00 AM PT

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There’s no reason why it should be a hassle to get paid for every hour of work your attorneys have put in. So why do so many law firms struggle to close the billing gap? Odds are, any contention around your billing process didn’t begin when you sent your invoice, it was in place long before the client signed your fee or retainer agreement. Join us to learn the six essential rules towards creating a seamless and frictionless billing process for both you and your clients.

You’ll learn how to…

Price your legal services for higher profitability and new prospect appeal
Get your staff on the same page regarding your billing process and policy
Make it easy for clients to understand their financial obligation and pay on time
Delegate time-consuming billing tasks and payment collection to technology

Presented by:

Matt Spiegel

CEO & Co-Founder, 

Dan Lear

Host of Financially Legal Podcast, 
Gravity Legal