Interactive Webinar

How to Determine Your Most Profitable Marketing Channels

New Revenue Boosting Tactics for Law Firms

March 30, 2023  |  10:00 AM PT

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Attention attorneys and marketing coordinators! You’re likely investing in multiple marketing activities without knowing which ones are truly bringing in the most revenue (or which are bleeding you dry). It's time to move beyond simply counting leads and start understanding the impact of your marketing channels on your practice's bottom line. Join CallRail and Lawmatics as we reveal how to fortify your marketing strategy by identifying and doubling down on your top-performing channels.

Join us to learn about:

What marketing channels are easily accessible to attorneys
What the competitive marketplace looks like for law firms
Which channels are the right fit for your firm
How to attribute your consultations to marketing activities

Presented by:

Blake Roberts
Blake Roberts
Director of Strategic 
Chris Nelson from CallRail
Chris Nelson
Senior Manager of Vertical Marketing,