On-Demand Webinar  |  AIRED ON MAR 24, 2022

22 Proven Ways to Get Law Firm Referrals in 2022

Growth Strategies for Attorneys


Everyone knows that referrals are the cornerstone of successful law practices. Referred clients are more inclined to trust you, sign a fee agreement, and heed your advice, making your job that much easier. But good service alone isn’t enough to secure a steady stream of referral-based business in today’s competitive landscape. Join us to find out how successful law practices are growing their referral relationships and client base in 2022.

You’ll learn how to:

Modify your client experience to incentivize more quality referrals.
Grow your sphere of influence to stand out as a trusted expert.
Improve response and engagement to turn more referrals into profitable work
Empower advocates of your firm to do the prospecting work for you

Presented by:

Matt Spiegel
Matt Spiegel
CEO & Founder,
Gyi Tsakalakis
President & Co-Founder,