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Increase your firm revenue with the first and only CRM, Intake and Marketing Automation platform designed specifically for lawyers, by lawyers.

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Increase Firm Revenue in New, Creative Ways

Increase your bottom line by ensuring that you convert more leads into clients and by mining your large book of past, happy clients for new business.

Legal CRM

Lawmatics provides CRM tools to ensure that every relationship is managed and developed. Never lose touch with the people that are most important to your firm.

Marketing Automation

Lawmatics is the first legal industry specific marketing automation software. Create drip campaigns, complex customer journey, and automate the entire process of take a lead from first contact to fee agreement signature. Our marketing automation suite will also help you develop your book of business, turning old clients into new business.


Let lawmatics automate your entire intake process. With custom intake stage capabilities, custom forms that can be embedded directly into your website, and automation tools designed to ensure you convert more prospects to clients, you will wonder how you functioned without Lawmatics assisting.


With built in e-signature, getting an important document signed has never been easier. Combined with our automation tools it is a cinch to have fee agreements automatically sent out to prospective clients at the appropriate time.

Why do you need CRM, Intake and Marketing Automation?

Are you happy with how many leads hire your firm? Do you want to speak to your old clients but can’t find the time? You relationships with your clients is the lifeblood of your firm. Odds are you are not doing nearly enough to cultivate and manage those relationships.

Convert more prospects into clients

Maximize the value you get out of LawConversion rate, the rate at which you turn prospects into clients, is perhaps the most important number to the business of your law firm. However, most law firms have no clue what their conversion rate is nor any idea what they could do to move the needle. Lawmatics brings you deep insight into your conversion rate, and everything that goes into it. We will arm you with the data that you need to turn more prospects into clients, directly increasing your bottom line.

Turn your old business into new business

Are you like most lawyers, with a giant spreadsheet of past clients just sitting around collecting dust? This list is gold…low hanging fruit just waiting to be picked. Lawmatics takes your old database of clients and turns them into new business. Perhaps an old client has a new issue, knows a friend who needs representation, or has a case for which they could use a good referral. Lawmatics will mine these clients and generate new revenue from your old clients.

Integration partners

Expand Lawmatics’ capabilities with supported integrations. We’re committed to broaden this list to include all major software bundles used by the industry.
Clio Practice Panther LawPay

More integrations coming soon!

"Lawmatics allows lawyers to grow their business while freeing up even more time to focus on the practice of law"

With MyCase, we delivered an incredible solution to make lawyers more productive. Now, with Lawmatics, we are helping firms with the most critical of all processes — bringing in more revenue.

Matt Spiegel, Esq.
Co-Founder and CEO, Lawmatics

Everything that lawyers don't know about the business and marketing of a law firm... but need to know

Mark E. Brenner Attorney at Law

If you’re an #attorney who uses @goclio and wants more leads, you need to check out @lawmatics now! @mattspiegelesq and his team have created a work of art for lead cultivation and management that will set a new standard for #legaltech

Stephen P. Shepard @spslawoffice

The first time I have ever interrupted a demo to buy something!

Melissa Hall, Esq. Smol Law

@mattspiegelesq and his team hit the ball out of the park with @lawmatics, the most robust and comprehensive lead cultivation, generation, reporting platform in #legaltech history - @goclio integrative partner

SPS Law Office Stephen P. Shepard


Is there a long-term contract if I sign up for Lawmatics?

No way! We hate being locked into software so we definitely aren’t going to ask you to do it. Lawmatics is month to month, however, we are pretty sure that once you start with us you are not going to want to leave.

Is it hard to get started?

It most certainly is not hard, mostly because we are here to help you. When you sign up for Lawmatics, you will have a dedicated onboarding rep assigned to you who will be hands on through your entire setup.

I don't know how to set up marketing campaigns, can I still use Lawmatics?

Not only can you, but we are specifically designed for you! The Lawmatics onboarding program is magical. We will spend time with you learning about your firm and your process. Then, we will help you build out all the marketing assets and campaigns you need to start seeing results.

Do you integrate with my practice management software?

We are working on integrations with several popular practice management solutions. We expect to release several of them very soon, allowing you to easily send data over to your LPM software once someone becomes a client. Check out our ever evolving integrations list.

Is there anything else I should know?

Just that we love working with law firms and would love to work with you. We are in this to help. As lawyers ourselves, we feel your pain and are determined to make a positive impact on your firm.

We're listening

At Lawmatics, customer success is in our DNA. We are always available to answer your questions or even to discuss marketing strategy with you.

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Feel free to email or call us anytime…or just stop by if you are in the neighborhood, in sunny California. We’re a friendly bunch.

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