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Accelerate the growth of your law practice by engaging and retaining new clients with Lawmatics legal intake solutions. Developed by attorneys and legal technology experts, our platform streamlines your processes so you can prioritize the things that matter most.
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So very glad we invested in this program when we did. We are getting more use out of it than we imagined we would ever have to. We are now using an automatic intake form, video-conferencing through GoToMeeting for our consultations, and e-sign with our rep. agreements.
— Alicia Bostrack, Orchard Law Firm

All-in-one Automation in Law Firms

Automate the entire client intake journey

With our all-in-one legal CRM, you can seamlessly move leads through the client intake process with custom, marketing automation workflows. Our technology is designed to simplify the process and eliminate chaos, while making a positive impression on your future clients.
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Automation in Law Firms
Form Builder

Form Builder

Build a custom law firm intake form for your clients

We make it easy to create your own intake process and efficiently capture the client information you need with a client intake form template for law firms. Simply define the details you want to collect based on your practice area and case type and build custom templates.

By establishing a clear and consistent process for client intake, you can save time, eliminate pesky errors and keep everyone in your practice on the same page.
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Appointment Scheduling

Appointment scheduling made effortless

Make it easy for your clients and leads to schedule time to meet with you. Simply sync your calendar, set your availability and allow them to book an appointment around your existing schedule. Say goodbye to double bookings, no-shows, mix-ups, and excessively long email chains trying to pinpoint the best time and date to meet.
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legal client intake software
electronic signature for legal documents

Electronic Signature for Legal Documents

Retain clients faster with legal document e-signature

Eliminate lengthy back-and-forths by getting the signatures you need quickly and securely. Focus on your clients’ cases and let Lawmatics manage the rest.
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File Requests

Stop chasing after documents

With our legal intake software, it’s easier than ever to collect and access files. Using file request templates, you can collect necessary documents from your clients electronically with ease.
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legal client intake software

Frequently asked questions

What is client intake software?

Client intake is the process of attracting leads, following up with them, engaging them, setting up a consultation, and ultimately securing and onboarding them as paying clients. Throughout the process lawyers need to collect important information from leads to determine whether their area of practice suits their needs, and discuss details like fees and whether they’ve ever worked with a lawyer before. 

Inputting all of this information requires a considerable amount of work for lawyers if they rely on a manual system, and run their firm from their inbox or spreadsheets. For this reason, lawyers looking for the most efficient way to handle their client intake process rely on attorney intake software which simplifies and automates a significant portion of these often monotonous tasks.

What is a client intake form?

A client intake form is an integral piece of the client intake process. Leads fill out the necessary information needed to determine whether a law firm is a good fit for their legal needs. A well constructed intake form includes fields for a client’s basic information such as full name, address, and other contact details. Interested prospects fill out the nature of their case including as many details as possible in order to help a lawyer best pre-screen before a consultation. 

The more details that are requested on an intake form, the better a lawyer can qualify a lead before setting an appointment. Client intake software like Lawmatics creates customized templates for lawyers that can be repurposed for each practice area in a firm and inputted directly into the law firm database, making the process faster with less chances of errors.

What is the client intake process?

The client intake process is broken up into four different stages. The initial stage is the minute a client first contacts a firm. They usually contact a firm through an online advertisement, by a referral or by calling from a directory. An effective client intake process efficiently captures a lead’s information to ensure that they progress into the next stage of the client intake process which is being followed up with.

Many lawyers have a difficult time keeping up with all of their incoming leads manually leading to uncertainty about who’s already been followed up with. However, with the help of technology like Lawmatics firms can track each lead in a database to see where each lead stands in the client journey.

Once a lead has been followed up with, the next stage of the client intake process takes place— a consultation. In many cases, scheduling a consultation requires several back and forths trying to find the right time that works for everyone, which is why more and more attorneys are turning towards automated appointment scheduling to speed up the process. Leads can choose a time slot from whatever dates you make available, and self-schedule automatically.

The final stage of the client intake process is securing the client and finalizing the attorney-client relationship. It’s at this point that any paperwork necessary for onboarding the client is drawn up and signed. With the help of a client intake software like Lawmatics, lawyers can save a significant amount of time they would have otherwise spent on drafting up complex paperwork. Not only can software help draft up documents in a fraction of the time, but there’s no need for clients to print, sign, and scan back signatures thanks to e-signature tools.

What do I need to start using client intake software?

No matter what area of practice they specialize in, any lawyer can benefit from using client intake software to make their process more efficient and in turn create happier clients and more referrals. It’s as simple as signing up for a free demo and seeing how Lawmatics can help revolutionize your client intake process.

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