Become a goal-driven law firm

Identify critical performance indicators, measure essential data points, and implement the right changes to accelerate towards your law firm’s long-term goals with Lawmatics’ Goal Tracking.
Stairs with arrows pointing up, suggesting progress
Lawmatics gauges with matters goals and clients goals

Set goals & track your progress in real-time

Let’s face it, gauges are useful…and cool! Set key performance indicators for your firm by using Lawmatics analytics gauges.
Set clear goals for any time period
Use data-learning AI to measure and track progress
Gain valuable data & insight into lead behavior
Apply data analytics to make informed decisions

Easily integrate and track your PPC marketing activity

With our marketing return of investment (ROI) calculator and Google Ads integration, you can access the tools you need to execute, manage and report on your marketing campaigns – all in one place. We track your marketing activity and provide immediate insight into your campaign performance.
ROI tracking statsLeads at a glance

Let data lead the way

From seeing which marketing tactics generate the most qualified leads to gaining a visual representation of your client intake success rates, learn the most effective ways to run your firm to scale for efficiency and growth.

Scale from the inside out

Easily track your firm’s internal activities, such as the number of calls or emails from a given time period, and fine-tune your strategy as needed. With everything in one place, you can keep your staff aligned, accountable, and motivated to make progress every day.
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Law firms love Lawmatics

Our customers give their clients the client-focused experience they deserve. Learn how they do it all with Lawmatics.
Chris Gaddy
Case Study

How Nice Law Firm increased onboarding by 70%

With Lawmatics automation tools and integrated partner solutions, Nice Law Firm accelerated the client onboarding process by 70% and cut time spent on manual processes in half
Case Study

Complete visibility of the entire client journey

How Lawmatics helped Miller Estate and Elder Law increase the overall effectiveness of their marketing efforts while improving the client experience
Case Study

Building a foundation for growth with automation

How solo family law attorney, Bill Farias, is using Lawmatics to bring the vision of his firm to life.

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