Time And Billing

Time and billing software built for law firms, and their clients.

Juggling your bookkeeping, client relationships, and practice management isn’t easy. No matter the size of your practice, our billing solution can help you turn timekeeping, invoicing, and client payment into a seamless process.
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Never lose track of another minute of time

Whether your law firm bills hourly, fixed-fee, or on contingency, our time and billing software for law firms offers the easiest way to seamlessly record billable hours, meaning more revenue for your firm. With Lawmatics’ time tracking features, you can automatically keep track of every billable hour without disrupting your workflow. You can even add time entry data that will appear on your client’s invoices with a single click.
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Conti Moore Smith

Whether you’re a one-person law firm or have hundreds of lawyers at your firm, you need Lawmatics so that you can be more profitable.“

— Conti Moore Smith
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Legal Billing

Bill your clients in a way that makes it easy for them…and efficient for you

Client billing has never been easier. Our legal billing software allows you to automate each step of your billing process and then deliver professional, precise invoices that accurately reflect your billable time in one click. Our invoicing feature allows you to create clean, granular invoices that are designed to surpass client expectations and ensure they understand exactly what they owe and why, incentivizing them to pay faster, and in full.
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Online Payments

Online payments make it easy and fast to collect on balances due

Our time and billing software for law firms takes the headache out of getting paid by letting your clients pay with the click of a button directly from within their invoice. Since your clients can pay their preferred way whether from a laptop or mobile device, that means you get paid faster. Now that’s what you call hassle-free billing.
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Time tracking, data insights, client management, billing and invoicing — all in one

Stop juggling multiple softwares for your legal billing. Our law firm billing software lets you manage everything in one intuitive interface. Track your time, run data-driven reports to keep your finances on track, customize branded invoice templates and deploy them within minutes, and more. Lawmatics' time and billing software makes handling your firm’s finances efficiently a breeze.
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Offer an effortless billing experience and watch your client referrals soar

The key to gaining more business is going above and beyond client expectations. A straightforward, efficient, and effortless billing software like Lawmatics will elevate your clients' experience while also saving you and your legal team countless hours per month. No bottlenecks for both you and your clients is a win-win.
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Online Payments, Time and Invoicing

Put your law firm on auto-pilot

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