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A big solution for small law firms

Just because you’re a small firm doesn’t mean you can’t have big goals. With Lawmatics law software, you can scale your business without having to do the busywork yourself. Automation makes it possible to focus on your clients while technology built for small law firms just like yours handles the rest.
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Focus on billable work without losing potential business

Get rid of the juggling act between growing your law firm and serving your clients. With Lawmatics you never have to choose between your clients or getting back to leads ever again. Get back to practicing law and let Lawmatics automate the mundane tasks, so you spend your day serving your clients. Give yourself the peace of mind knowing that nothing will get missed— from follow ups, to law firm marketing, Lawmatics has your back.
Automate the repetitive processes, like document requests, follow-up emails, appointment scheduling, client intake, and more
Prioritize providing the best service to your clients while Lawmatics attracts, captures and engages new leads in the background
Keep everything organized in one centralized space so you never lose track or miss out on an opportunity
Ensure a smooth process from the initial intake to settlement for every client and encourage repeat business and client referrals
Track the key analytics and data that matters to your firm’s unique goals in a way that’s easy to understand and manage

Small Law Firm Client Intake Software

Make the best possible first impression with client intake software for small firms

Capitalize on every new opportunity and make a lasting first impression at the same time. With Lawmatics client intake software, you won’t just attract more leads, but you’ll turn them into delighted clients.

As a smaller firm, you’ve got less hands to make sure everything gets done. The odds are against you for delivering consistent results while keeping up with all of the administrative duties. The only way to ensure your practice’s growth is by harnessing the power of a client intake software with a strong law firm CRM. You may be a small firm, but with Lawmatics you can grow your firm like a CEO.
Tailor the intake process to your firm
Never lose track of a lead again
Automate the follow-up to never let anything slip through the cracks
Utilize the appointment scheduling feature for seamless upfront communication that gives your clients direct access to your schedule
Secure new business faster and more efficiently with our e-Signature tool
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Best Crm For Small Law Firms

Improve client engagement to help manage your small law firm

Manage every case and client detail with ease and impress your clients with a highly efficient process with Lawmatics client relationship manager. Technology can help you streamline your business and eliminate the need to manually perform client intake, draft up complex documents, or lose time on lengthy email back and forths. The growth of your practice starts with harnessing the power of modern tools like automation — and Lawmatics is the key.
Track, manage and enhance the client experience from intake to settlement
Establish efficient communication with leads, clients and staff
Keep all client and case details organized using tailored criteria for your firm
Enable clients to communicate easily with you to improve their experience
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Small Law Firm Marketing Automation

Effortlessly win new business

Wondering how to manage a small firm? It’s time to put on your CEO hat and start treating your small law firm like the business that it is. Let Lawmatics take over the leg work of bringing in new clients and securing their business, while you focus on what you were trained to do — provide quality service to your existing clients.

Our robust workflow automation for law firms doesn’t just help you attract and retain clients, but it will also encourage repeat business and client referrals.
Nurture leads from one stage to the next with email drip campaigns tailored to be sent to the right person with the right approach
Save time and never miss an opportunity with Lawmatics client intake automation
Segment your clients into different groups based on where they are in the client journey and tailor your marketing efforts to their unique needs
Create personalized email marketing campaigns that evolve with the client journey, increasing your chances of lead to client conversion
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Small Firm Reporting & Insights

Capture the right data to grow your firm the right way

If you hope to grow your practice you’ll need to know what’s working and what's not. Monitoring your small firm’s metrics like productivity and where your best clients are coming from will help you reach your unique goals. Key law firm performance metrics and data provide the information you need to look towards a better and bigger version of where you are today.
Create custom reports using whatever metrics matter most to you and your business
Gain insight into your productivity and marketing efforts to continuously optimize your processes
Use the goal tracker to set objectives and evaluate your progress, and stay on top of your law firm goals
Grow your law firm the smart way by making informed decisions with small law firm data analytics
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Modernize your practice and wow clients with a tech-driven approach

Just because you’re a smaller firm doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with the big ones. With Lawmatics CRM and client intake software you can do more and take on more, thanks to automation. Clients will be amazed at your client-friendly and efficient approach that goes beyond a traditional practice.

What once required a pen and legal pad can now be done with technology. No more frantically jotting down details by hand during client intake calls, and no more risk of client no-shows. Lawmatics eliminates the possibility of human error and streamlines your entire intake process.
Leads information goes directly into database after filling out a client intake form
Reminder and follow-up emails go out automatically reducing lost time and money
Drip-campaign emails keep leads and clients engaged, increasing your chances of more business
Offer clients online self-scheduling, eliminating the need for lengthy email back and forths
Build client trust by automating important tasks, and never let an important detail fall through the cracks again
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Law firms love Lawmatics

Our customers give their clients the client-focused experience they deserve. Learn how they do it all with Lawmatics.
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