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Simplify your practice operations

As the backbone of your law firm, you wear multiple hats to keep your staff in sync and operating at peak productivity. Lawmatics, your ultimate legal tech ally, empowers you to manage a high volume of tasks efficiently and without error.
Lawmatics Law Firm Software
SMS Intake Automation


Simplify and systemize your processes

From following up with leads to scheduling appointments to generating documents, there simply aren’t enough hours in a day to get it all done. The secret to success is automating all of the tedious day to day work so that you can focus on the bigger picture. Automations make it possible to complete tasks in a matter of seconds that would have taken hours to days to complete manually — how’s that for efficiency?
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Appointment Scheduling

Ditch phone tag once and for all

Nobody wants to go back and forth with clients between trying to find the best appointment mind that works for everyone’s schedule. Lawmatics takes the hassle out of appointment setting by allowing clients to schedule themselves. After syncing with your Outlook or Google calendar, simply send a calendar link wherein only your availability is visible. Not only can clients set their own appointments, but they’ll also receive automatic appointment reminders reducing your chance of mixups and no-shows.
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Appointment Booking
Goal Tracking Reports

Insights & Data

Identify your greatest time drains

Wondering why the to-do pile isn’t getting smaller despite a hardworking staff? With Lawmatics legal data analytics you can see where your staff is losing the most amount of time and eliminate the bottlenecks that are holding back your efficiency. Easy-to-read reports make identifying your law firm’s most important trends easy, helping you pinpoint the areas in your processes that need to be refined. Leveraging data allows you to stay on top of your objectives and lean into your strengths to win more clients.
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Document Management

Your all-in-one solution for document organization

Regardless of your practice area, one thing is for sure — organization is key. The less time you have to spend tracking down the right document, the more time you have to dedicate to more revenue driving activities. Lawmatics is your all-in-one solution for keeping your most important information all in one centralized location, accessible by designated members of your team from anywhere with an internet connection. Easy.
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Immigration Law Firm Intake Forms
Online Payments, Time and Invoicing


A far better way to bill clients

Stop losing time on generating and sending paper bills — there’s a better way. Now you can generate client invoices in bulk in a matter of seconds and share them instantly with Lawmatics billing software. Whether you bill hourly or charge a fixed fee, Lawmatics automates the entire process from invoice generation to sharing to getting paid. Not only does that mean less work for you, but a payment link included with your invoices increases the likelihood of getting paid faster. It’s that simple.
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Law firms love Lawmatics

Our customers give their clients the client-focused experience they deserve. Learn how they do it all with Lawmatics.
Conti Moore Smith
Case Study

How Lawmatics helped Conti Moore Law, PLLC save time and cut costs while driving 2x growth

Conti's law firm has doubled the amount of business it is handling in the last year. With Lawmatics, they are well equipped to efficiently manage the increase in work.
Case Study

Lawmatics powers rapid growth of Arizona criminal defense firm

Unified by their commitment to outstanding legal representation, Ryan McPhie and David Lish leveraged Lawmatics to grow their practice from a small operation to three locations with over 20 staff members.
Matthew Sullivan
Case Study

Accelerated intake increases profit for family law firm

Matthew Sullivan of Sullivan Law & Associates is able to process a higher volume of leads and convert more prospects into clients by accelerating intake with the help of automation tools offered by Lawmatics.
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