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Give every client the attention they deserve with Lawmatics CRM and legal client intake software

Running a mid-sized to large firm requires serious behind-the-scenes coordination. The only way to deliver consistent, quality legal services to every client without miscommunications or dropped balls is to use a legal CRM and legal intake solutions to centralize and streamline your operations. Lawmatics keeps everyone in your firm on the same page so you can focus on what matters most — getting your clients the results they paid for.
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Legal Reporting Software

Your modern law practice deserves modern business solutions

The larger a firm is, the more moving parts it has. Technology like Lawmatics automation software is the best solution for keeping everything flowing exactly the way it should be. No more worrying about whether a client has been followed up with, or searching for important documents. Keep everything in one centralized location that anyone in your firm can access from anywhere. Say goodbye to day to day chaos and take control of your firm’s workflow with Lawmatics legal CRM and client intake software. The end result is a frictionless experience for both you and your clients, and more referrals.
Keep the momentum going with automation features such as automated data entry, appointment reminders, and follow-ups
Minimize costly confusions and slip-ups on both ends with Lawmatics comprehensive, user-friendly interface, so easy to use that anyone in your firm can understand it
Focus on growing your firm and client base without mundane tasks cluttering your headspace
Know the locations and status of all important documents and client information at any time
Eliminate guesswork with reliable data-driven insights that help you track your firm’s progress and fine-tune your strategy

Client Intake Software For Law Firms

Get more hours out of your day — no matter what size your firm

If only 24 hours in a day were enough to manually manage everything that came along with running a larger firm. While it may not possible to extend a day into 25 hours, Lawmatics can provide the next best thing—less time spent on tedious data entry and other time-draining administrative tasks.
Deliver a consistent and efficient automated intake process without having to step away from a client
Reduce new client onboarding time so you can stay focused on your current clients cases
Keep everyone on track with self-scheduling software that eliminates the need for lengthy back-and-forths trying to find a time that works for everyone
Create custom intake templates with all of the information you need with a legal form builder
Keep track of important documents all in one centralized location without having to play phone tag or dig through your inbox
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Law Firm Crm

Make every client feel like your only client

Larger firms are often perceived as inattentive and spread thin with so many clients. Show your clients that your firm prioritizes strong client connections by equipping your firm with Lawmatics CRM for lawyers. From intake to final settlement, your clients will feel valued every step of the way. Automated follow ups and self-scheduling makes it possible to give your clients direct access to you without you having to step away from important cases. Channel your efforts into growth and build your reputation with the best CRM and legal client intake for lawyers.
Keep everyone on the same page with automated reminders and confirmations
Bring real value to each client’s experience with personalized messaging tailored to their unique needs and stage in their journey
Stay organized effortlessly, with all touchpoints and information organized visually according to audience segmentation
Contact clients instantly with 2-way SMS messaging for law firms
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Law Firm Automation Software

Keep your current clients happy while you grow your firm

Stop using a one size fits all marketing approach and start using smart marketing automation that sends the right message to the right person at the right time. With the help of data you can ditch the inefficient guesswork, and start targeting your communication in a way that yields better results. Give leads the targeted attention they require while still staying totally focused on your current clients — all with the help of legal software.
Create personalized email drip automation marketing campaigns that keep your clients engaged
Utilize audience segmentation software to tailor your messaging and avoid generic, impersonal connections
Maintain consistent contact with your current client base while attracting new leads
Optimize your marketing efficiency while focusing resources and brain power on billable work
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Reporting And Insights

Use law firm data analytics to work smarter, not harder!

Lawmatics legal data analytics software allows you to make data-driven, informed decisions that fuel real growth. Easily digestible visual reports make it easy to know at just a glance where you need to make changes, and where you’re succeeding, making it easier than ever to reach your firm’s long-term goals.
Track your progress of your law firms goals with custom reports for your firm
Get the full picture of where your most profitable leads are coming from to maximize revenue
Have total control over your data collection and presentation so that it’s perfectly tailored to your objectives
Start from scratch with ease when you need to switch gears at a moments notice
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Never choose between catching up with administrative tasks or serving your clients ever again

You have a law firm to run. When you only have 24 hours in a day, at some point you’re going to have to let billable work slip to the back of your mind in favor of time-sucking administrative tasks. But don’t let it take over.

Lawmatics gives you the comprehensive framework and smart tools you need to deliver consistent quality results, with less clutter slowing you down. Your clients get the personalized service they deserve, while you are able to maximize productivity.
With Lawmatics you’ll never have to choose between attending to your clients or keeping up with administrative tasks ever again.
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Law firms love Lawmatics

Our customers give their clients the client-focused experience they deserve. Learn how they do it all with Lawmatics.
Conti Moore Smith
Case Study

How Lawmatics helped Conti Moore Law, PLLC save time and cut costs while driving 2x growth

Conti's law firm has doubled the amount of business it is handling in the last year. With Lawmatics, they are well equipped to efficiently manage the increase in work.
Case Study

Lawmatics powers rapid growth of Arizona criminal defense firm

Unified by their commitment to outstanding legal representation, Ryan McPhie and David Lish leveraged Lawmatics to grow their practice from a small operation to three locations with over 20 staff members.
Matthew Sullivan
Case Study

Accelerated intake increases profit for family law firm

Matthew Sullivan of Sullivan Law & Associates is able to process a higher volume of leads and convert more prospects into clients by accelerating intake with the help of automation tools offered by Lawmatics.
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