Build stronger connections with targeted communication

With Lawmatics audience segmentation software, you can deliver tailored messaging and personalized email drip marketing campaigns to custom groups of prospects and clients.
Audience Segmentation

Audience Segmentation Software

Treat your clients the way they want to be treated

No one wants to be lumped into the masses. So don’t get lost in the noise trying to appeal to everyone at once!

With client list segmentation, automation in law firms can target distinct groups of people and deliver personalized content based on their real needs and challenges. By providing value to your most valuable clients, you can make a meaningful impression that generates new & repeat clientele.

Legal Data Analytics and Reports

Track client behavior like a CMO with the best law firm data tools

To really grow your law firm, you need to get to know your prospects and clients better, so you can build stronger connections. Make the most out of your audience segmentation by utilizing granular insights with powerful data analytics for law firms.

Client behavior that was once overlooked entirely is now your greatest tool for strengthening your marketing strategies.
Audience Segmentation
Audience Segmentation

Pipeline Management Tools

Grow your pipeline management with lead segmentation

You’re stuck between wanting to connect with each individual lead and balancing an unforgiving schedule. With our audience segmentation software, you can segment your prospective clients into groups based on their unique needs and behaviors. Reach people when they’re most likely to convert with the right messaging at the right time.
Create tailored customer ads and campaigns to attract their business
Establish trust by engaging with leads on their terms
Nurture prospects from the first conversation to a legal e-signed retainer agreement

Frequently asked questions

What is audience segmentation?

Audience segmentation software for law firms delivers a powerful alternative to traditional all in one marketing tactics. Intuitive software groups prospects and clients into unique groups based on criteria of a law firm’s choosing so that they can send a personalized message that leads are more likely to be receptive to. Rather than lumping all leads and clients into the masses, each one receives a uniquely tailored message that is much more likely to grab their attention.

What is the purpose of audience segmentation?

Traditional marketing methods don’t work the same as they used to. People are much less likely to open a general email that doesn’t apply to their unique needs. Audience segmentation separates legal contacts into groups based on demographics like location, income, case type, and behavior. It then engages them through relevant messaging that makes them much more likely to open the email and convert to a client.

An all-in-one marketing approach risks missing the mark for many people, and is impossible to appeal to everyone the same way. Audience segmentation avoids missing opportunities by focusing marketing strategies with relatable content more likely to resonate with the audience. Law firms can grow their pipeline and nurture leads thanks to granular insights that help them get to know their prospects better, resulting in better relationships and increased client loyalty.

Who can use audience segmentation?

Audience segmentation is highly sought after for law firms looking to target their leads more effectively and strengthen their marketing strategies. By getting to know each client and which ones are the most valuable, law firms of all sizes make meaningful impressions on their leads through targeted and personalized content. 

If you’re tired of sending out marketing emails that don’t get opened, then audience segmentation software is the answer to getting the results that you want.

What do I need to use audience segmentation?

To start leveraging the power of client behavior insights and accelerating your revenue, you’ll need to incorporate audience segmentation into your law firm’s marketing strategy. It’s as simple as using Lawmatics. Our robust software will align your clients unique behavior with targeted marketing emails that will make stronger connections, getting you the results that you want.

If you’re ready to see how Lawmatics can help you separate your prospects into groups and communicate with each with relatable and tailored content, then sign up for a free product demo today!

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Conti's law firm has doubled the amount of business it is handling in the last year. With Lawmatics, they are well equipped to efficiently manage the increase in work.
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Accelerated intake increases profit for family law firm

Matthew Sullivan of Sullivan Law & Associates is able to process a higher volume of leads and convert more prospects into clients by accelerating intake with the help of automation tools offered by Lawmatics.
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