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Lawmatics legal CRM platform makes it easy to facilitate an empathetic and attentive client experience from start to finish, so that you can give each client the representation they deserve during one of the most tumultuous times in their lives.
Legal Custom Form Send Automation

Every criminal law firm’s preferred software solution

See why criminal defense lawyers lean on Lawmatics to help them deliver first class legal services while they grow their practice.


Your client’s future is on the line.

It’s a privilege when a client trusts their case in your hands. Don’t throw it away because of one avoidable error. Give your clients - and yourself - some extra peace of mind with Lawmatics legal client intake software.
Make consistency a priority with custom intake forms.
When you have the power to dictate and automate the intake process, you make quality control a priority. Move each client along seamlessly with custom intake forms that capture exactly what you need with fewer errors, fewer hours, minimal stress, and maximum control.
Eliminate frazzling mixups with automated scheduling.
It’s easy for the brain to overlook details when it’s on edge. Automated appointment scheduling and reminders make sure everyone’s on the same page, meaning less time wasted with no-shows and fewer frazzling mixups.
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Automation Workflow

Criminal Law CRM

Impress your clients with instant response times.

When your client comes to you for help with their liberty at stake, your job is to help them every step of the way during one of the most difficult times in their lives.. Clean up your operations with automated processes and marketing so that you can free up the bandwidth to give your clients the responsiveness and attention they need.
Segment your clients by their individual journeys.
Audience segmentation software helps you give each client individualized services by organizing everyone by their unique needs, so that all of your interactions are more valuable and lead to stronger connections.
Impress clients with SMS messaging for law firms.
There’s nothing worse than waiting for a response to a stressful email. Position yourself as a dependable legal provider and form more powerful connections with instant, direct SMS messaging for attorneys that puts your client at ease.
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Marketing for Criminal Law Firms

Make more room on your plate for growth.

Put your marketing on autopilot with powerful workflow automation for law firms so that you can spend less time moving clients along manually and more time into scaling your firm. With Lawmatics there to make sure that no detail about a lead or your client’s journey gets forgotten, you earn back precious time and mental energy that you can redirect into the courtroom or negotiation table.
Attract new leads while Lawmatics handles your marketing.
When you’re preoccupied with manually managing your marketing, eventually you’re left with no choice but to let an opportunity slip. Nurture more leads while giving all your clients the same careful attention with Lawmatics marketing automation.
Accelerate momentum with email workflows.
Use customized newsletter marketing for attorneys and automate your marketing with error-free dynamic email workflows. Tell Lawmatics exactly what data you want to trigger the next steps, and we’ll take care of the rest. No detail or client gets neglected!
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law firm data analytics


Work smarter, not harder.

As a criminal defense attorney, you can’t afford hopeful guesswork. Since “good enough” isn’t good enough, Lawmatics arms you with the key metrics and analytics you need to make the informed decisions necessary to improve your firm’s productivity and optimize growth.
Know where you stand in a flash with visual reports.
Decide how you want to measure your success, and Lawmatics easily digestible visual criminal law firm data reporting will let you know how you’re doing at just a glance. Identify strengths and weaknesses instantly so you can fine-tune your business strategy and get back to growing your firm.
Inform every decision with hard data, your way.
Want to know where your most profitable leads are coming from? Want an objective look at your productivity and marketing efforts based on law firm goals and objectives? Lawmatics custom reporting keeps tabs on the data that’s important to you so that you don’t have to just hope for the best, you know what you’re doing.
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Lawyers choose Lawmatics

Our customers give their clients the client-focused experience they deserve. Learn how they do it all with Lawmatics.
Lawmatics is one of the few software that provides such a high level of customer service. I love the responsiveness of your company and how often you release great features. I will continue to recommend your services to my colleagues.“
Natalie Phan, Natalie Phan Law
We’ve eliminated client wait times altogether for initial intake (from 2 days), eliminated 13 weeks of volunteer time annually, and saved 130lbs of paper per year, among other improvements. The CLG staff is so happy with Lawmatics and the new process!“
Kyla Sandwith, Calgary Legal Guidance
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