Conflict checks made easy

Save valuable time and mitigate risk during the legal client intake process with automated conflict checking.


Discover conflicts instantly

No more digging through paper files or cross-referencing multiple systems. Lawmatics identifies search matches within any fields, notes, Contacts, or other areas of the platform. For example, a search for “John Doe” would show the Contact and Matter card of a prospective client who recently requested a consultation. For further context, a note under Jane Doe’s earlier Matter reveals that she’s seeking a divorce from her husband John Doe.


Mitigate risk through automation

Stay in ethical compliance without lifting a finger. Automations in Lawmatics make it easy to cross reference contact names, phone numbers, mailing addresses, and more to identify potential conflicts at the outset. Automations can also be configured to approve, deny, or flag the submission as a possible conflict.


Avoid errors and save time

Swiftly secure accurate information for a critical stage of client intake. Lawmatics uncovers connections in the complexities of your clients’ networks and ensures you’re making thoroughly-informed decisions about potential conflicts.
Conti Moore Smith

Lawmatics saves you so much time that you’re losing money by not automating with Lawmatics.”

Conti Moore Smith

Frequently asked questions

What is conflict checking?

Conflict checking is a vital step of the intake process in law practices. It examines whether an attorney has previously or is currently representing a party that may create a conflict of interest with a new matter, or whether the attorney themself has a potential conflict. Avoiding conflicts is critical to keeping lawyers within their ethical obligations and rules of professional conduct.

What is the best way to check conflicts?

Employing a legal-specific software is the recommended way to check for conflicts. These tools perform comprehensive searches of your entire database, leaving no stone unturned. They also provide cloud-based storage of your records, so you can say goodbye to paper cuts from digging through filing cabinets. If conflict checking is included as a feature in an automation platform like Lawmatics, it can further save hours of valuable time by eliminating most of the manual legwork.

How does conflict checking software work?

Conflict checking software streamlines the legal client intake process by cross-referencing the information of a potential new client or matter with a law firm’s records. It identifies information that can be found in any fields, notes, Contacts, or Matters, including:
  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Address

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