Legal Time Tracking Software

Simplified legal time tracking software for law firms

Whether your law firm bills hourly, fixed-fee, or on contingency, Lawmatics offers the easiest way to track time so that you can maximize productivity, minimize losses, and be more organized.
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We’ve already saved thousands of dollars by reducing the time we’re spending on repetitive administrative tasks.“

— Hollie Del Vecchio, Adaptive Law Firm


Everything in one place

With our time tracker, you can effortlessly track billable hours, non-billable time, and everything in between — for your entire firm, from lawyers to office managers and paralegals to senior partners in one place.
Know at-a-glance how you and your entire team are spending their time.
Understand how much your firm’s workday is spent on billable work vs. non-billable work.
Quickly identify opportunities to adjust processes and better allocate resources.
Utilize accurate and detailed time entries to reduce legal billing disputes.
Improve practice management with real-time visual insights into financial, operational, and employee performance


Stay on top of your law firm’s performance

Sleep peacefully knowing your firm is productive and profitable with all business-critical data at your fingertips, when you need it. With our legal timekeeping software, you get unparalleled visibility and reporting on billable hours, expense tracking, accounts receivables, and profitability for each member of your team — in real-time. With both holistic and granular insights into your firm’s performance in one place, you can make data-backed business decisions towards growth. Better time and expense reporting means better business. Period.


Get the best outcome for your clients, not the clock

Tallying up billable hours throughout the day is a losing battle for every legal professional. In lieu of depending on sticky notes, spreadsheets, or your memory, simply start a Lawmatics timer and get down to business. When you’re done, you’ll have an accurate time log that auto-populates directly into your invoice for that particular matter — any of which can be reviewed and adjusted before sending to clients, making the legal billing process easier than ever.
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Flexible time tracking and custom billing rates

Lawmatics’s time entry and tracking features make it incredibly easy to log billable or non-billable time. Once logged, any time entries can be adjusted upon review to ensure accurate timekeeping. Create customized billing rates for different clients, so you can easily manage free or discounted rates for your nonprofit clients and negotiate special rates with your corporate clients. No matter your rate or your client, all time entries appear seamlessly on your invoices for easy invoicing and payment processing.

Law firms love Lawmatics

Our customers give their clients the client-focused experience they deserve. Learn how they do it all with Lawmatics.
Conti Moore Smith
Case Study

How Lawmatics helped Conti Moore Law, PLLC save time and cut costs while driving 2x growth

Conti's law firm has doubled the amount of business it is handling in the last year. With Lawmatics, they are well equipped to efficiently manage the increase in work.
Case Study

Lawmatics powers rapid growth of Arizona criminal defense firm

Unified by their commitment to outstanding legal representation, Ryan McPhie and David Lish leveraged Lawmatics to grow their practice from a small operation to three locations with over 20 staff members.
Matthew Sullivan
Case Study

Accelerated intake increases profit for family law firm

Matthew Sullivan of Sullivan Law & Associates is able to process a higher volume of leads and convert more prospects into clients by accelerating intake with the help of automation tools offered by Lawmatics.
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