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Customer Case Studies
Lawmatics saves you so much time and money that you're actually losing money by not using Lawmatics.
— Conti Moore Smith, Conti Moore Law, PLLC
We are using Lawmatics now on a daily basis and I am happy to report that we are loving it. Not only has it improved the efficiency of our intake process, but separating the CRM function from Clio seems to have sped Clio up as well. In addition, I am finally starting to get some good reporting on lead generation.
— Todd Cole, Cole Law Group
Lawmatics has really done everything I have hoped for and more, which has streamlined my firm and created SO much more consistency to our product because of all the intake and the newsletter being in one place.
— Jordan Ostroff Esq., Jordan Law
We absolutely LOVE Lawmatics - we laugh when we make a suggestion or even think about something and then boom it is there like you read our minds! It is the perfect solution for our estate planning practice!
— Carissa Haning, Haning Law Office
Lawmatics is one of the few software that provides such a high level of customer service. I love the responsiveness of your company and how often you release great features. I will continue to recommend your services to my colleagues.
— Natalie Phan, Natalie Phan Law
Lawmatics is the best legal technology software I have seen in ten years. When I evaluate software, I question whether our lives would be easier if a program could execute or manage a specific task. The team has gone a long want to make our wants and wishes a reality.
— Christopher Gaddy, Nice Law Firm
There is an element of the sky's the limit with Lawmatics, which is why we use it to this day.
— Corinne Kraayeveld-Verwijs, Kraayeveld Law Offices
With Lamwatics automations there is less for me to think about and therefore, less for me to worry about.
— Britta Graversen, Modern Wills Law
Lawmatics lets me do what much bigger firms spend a whole lot more money doing - and I can do it much faster and much better.
— Taylor Darcy, Think Legal, P.C.
I don't think our organization scales at this speed without the organization that Lawmatics provides.
— Nicholas Moore, Free to Thrive

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