Lawmatics powers rapid growth of Arizona criminal defense firm

Ryan McPhie
Managing Partner,
Grand Canyon Law Group

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Meet Ryan Mcphie & David Lish
Former prosecutors-turned-defense attorneys, Ryan and David, were two sides of the same coin, each shaped by their distinctive legal journeys. Ryan grappled initially with the intricacies of marketing and bandwidth limitations within his solo defense practice, whereas David grew weary from the impersonal approach prevalent at a large law firm where clients were seen as a number rather than a human being. United by their vision to provide dedicated and personalized legal representation, the two friends joined forces and founded Grand Canyon Law Group in 2020.

Using Lawmatics every day for our intake and our onboarding has been a huge benefit to us.”

— David Lish

The mission

Ryan and David needed an engine to drive their new law firm’s business operations so that they could focus on giving clients the best representation possible. Their new firm would be responsive, efficient, and laser-focused on their clients. To do that, they needed a helping hand to cover some gaps in their business expertise. After a two-month process of arbitration and strategically evaluating at least nine software options, they chose Lawmatics as the base of operations for running their smartfirm.


Poor marketing ROI visibility

Cost per acquisition and cost per lead are critical metrics in evaluating a firm’s marketing performance. But before Lawmatics, Grand Canyon Law didn’t have the data they needed to make strategic decisions on their marketing spend. “How do you make decisions going forward on where to put your marketing dollars if you don't know the answers to those questions?” said Ryan.

Slow response time

Potential clients often put off hiring an attorney because of cost or stress. Ryan and David wanted to reassure potential clients that Grand Canyon Law would always be there as an option whenever they were ready to proceed. However, the duo couldn’t find the time to individually respond to every lead with an inquiry.

Little support to grow

Ryan and David’s ambitious plans to deliver quality representation to as many clients as possible was an ambitious one. The incoming volume of leads could prove unmanageable, making it difficult to give clients the one-on-one attention they deserve. “As we've grown as a firm with additional marketing comes the benefit,” said David, “but also the difficulty of having lots of leads, lots of phone calls, lots of people reaching out to try to hire us.”

Lawmatics has been a big piece to us being able to grow because we understand what marketing is working.”

— Ryan Mcphie

Benefit highlights

Lead tracking

Lead tracking allows Ryan and David to see exactly which marketing source a lead came from. They can calibrate their marketing strategy based on which channels drive results. Easily identifying the status of each prospect allows them to prioritize who to contact and how. “I wanted to plug as many holes in the bucket as I could on leads that are coming in and really be able to understand my numbers on what's working,” Ryan said.

Maximized client retention

Ryan and David don’t waste the leads they get from targeted marketing efforts. Automations allow them to send immediate, personalized follow-ups to potential clients to keep their firm top of mind as their clients consider hiring an attorney. “After we do a consultation, we can set things up to where they get text messages or emails,” said David. “Or they can pop up in a task list for us to follow up with them to make sure that that onboarding gets completed.”

Strong data visualization

Lawmatics is the first app Ryan opens when he starts the workday. On one screen, he can assess the status of every lead and determine which prospects need a nudge. He also uses the dashboard to forecast performance and inform the larger business strategy. “How did yesterday go? How has this week gone? How has the month gone? Where are we on the quarter?” The answers to these questions are always a click away.

Increased marketing effectiveness

Making marketing decisions solely based on gut instincts might not yield optimal results. With Lawmatics in their corner, Matt and Ryan can easily distinguish lucrative case types from those with negative ROI. Real-time reporting has allowed them to fine-tune their marketing strategies, leading to an increase in revenue while reducing expenditure.

Hassle-free onboarding

Automations and intake pipelines keep onboarding simple for both clients and staff. “Using Lawamtics every day for our intake and onboarding has been a huge benefit to us because it allows us to keep those things organized and prioritized,” David said. “You're trying to provide legal representation. You don't want to worry about a lot of the intake stuff.”

Seamless tech integrations

Lawmatics directly integrates with other software Grand Canyon Law uses to manage their practice, like CallRail. “We have different phone numbers for all of our different lead sources. As inquiry calls come in, they are automatically tagged by their lead source in Lawmatics. Having that integration between those two pieces of software is so vital.”

Power features

Reporting & insights

Lawmatics tracks robust data insights on marketing campaigns, lead sourcing, and case yield, and more. It provides Grand Canyon Law a single source of truth and a north star for their business strategy. “Lawmatics does such a great job of taking that data and just making it useful for me,” said Ryan. “I can look at it and say, well, what does that mean for my business?”
Law Firm Reporting and Metrics
Custom Automation Workflow


With Automations, Grand Canyon Law can send follow-ups, appointment reminders, and even engagement agreements without spending extra time. “Let's say you do your follow up and you get two or three or one extra case because of that follow up with no extra money, no extra marketing, and no extra employees. It's skyrocketed our ability to be profitable on that.”

Workflow pipelines

The Lawmatics workflow pipeline keeps clients moving through intake, and makes it easy to prioritize the leads that are most likely to hire. Along with hassle-free onboarding Automations, the workflow stages make personal intervention a breeze. “Automations can be very personal, but you also can step right into the middle of a process that's automated and shoot out a personal email or a personal text.”
Legal CRM

Lawmatics helps us to prioritize what leads are the most important, which ones are most likely to hire, and then allows us to do automated and personalized follow-ups so that they can have a good onboarding experience with us.”

— David Lish

Future business goals

Grand Canyon Law is on trajectory to skyrocket to the top of their field. Ryan and David’s top goals are:

  • Grow into the #1 criminal defense firm in Arizona
  • Add more office locations
  • Increase staff headcount

If your business isn't working well, it reflects in your representation. I think that's a big weakness in a lot of the law firms that don't know their numbers.”

— Ryan Mcphie