What is Legal Case Management Software?

What is legal case management software?

Legal case management software can be many things. A digital platform designed especially for attorneys to assist with legal matter management. A software solution that lawyers use to manage their cases.

At Lawmatics, legal case management software guides the entire client journey step by step by giving law firms one central location to store and track all client data: contact information, case notes, appointments, legal documents, communications, billing, and more.
What is Legal Case Management Software?
Client Intake

Client Intake

Eliminate chaos and simplify the intake process with custom workflows

Client intake is a critical but frequently mishandled aspect of law practice management. Leads may contact a firm, but nobody gets back to them because there’s no task management system in place beyond a phone log, Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet, and some post-it notes. Our client intake feature automates the entire client intake journey by empowering firms to create their unique intake process with customized templates.
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Marketing Automation

Put your marketing efforts on autopilot

Lawmatics marketing automation software gives firms enterprise tools at a small business price. With marketing automation, you can account for every detail along a prospect’s journey from lead to paying client and provide them with the best possible experience.
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Markeing Automation Workflow
Legal CRM


Streamline tedious tasks while nurturing client relationships

A client relationship management (CRM) tool keeps communication with your clients clear and consistent. Legal CRM adoption takes the headache out of client management tasks. With Lawmatics, each client has their own contact card, complete with a timeline of activity involving their matters.
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Time and Billing

Turn timekeeping, invoicing, and client payment into a seamless process

Handling bookkeeping, client relationships, and practice management is challenging for both small firms and large firms. Lawmatics’ time and billing software makes timekeeping, invoicing, and client payment seamless. Easily track every billable hour and enter data that will appear on your client’s invoices with a single click. Our legal billing software automates each step of the billing process. Hassle-free billing enables your clients to pay however they prefer and allows you to get paid faster.
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Online Payments, Time and Invoicing
Reporting & Insights

Reporting and Analytics

Easily set goals and stay accountable

Lawmatics CRM Reporting and Insights software provides the critical metrics and analytics that firms need to set goals and objectives, increase profitability and productivity, structure custom reports, and track and highlight areas of improvement. Our law firm CRM assesses the efficiency of the legal team and helps identify which types of clients are most profitable.
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An automated platform or a fragmented workflow?

With Lawmatics legal software, the choice is obvious. With one centralized platform, you can:

  • Check the status of all your leads.
  • Automate processes that typically take hours or even days.
  • Create error-free, customizable documents with a couple of clicks.
  • Get marketing off your plate so that you can focus on billable work.
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What is Legal Case Management Software?

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