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Foolproof personal injury law software.

Your personal injury clients are counting on you to help them recover losses after they’ve suffered harm. Lawmatics offers personal injury law solutions and document automation software that automate repeatable processes so your job is less chaos management, and more client-focused.
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Every personal injury law firm’s preferred solution

See why personal injury law attorneys choose Lawmatics to help them support their clients while they grow their practice.


Intake doesn’t have to be a headache.

You and your clients have enough headaches at the moment... Don’t add to it with manual intake. Lawmatics helps you eliminate avoidable errors while creating a dependable legal case intake software that is easy, intuitive, and gets you the results you need every time.
Capture the data you need, without the extras.
Custom intake forms let you decide how you want to capture intake data based on the type of personal injury case, creating a clear and consistent system that saves you time, human error, and gives both you and your clients some much needed reassurance.
Give your clients a break with sign-anywhere documents and automated scheduling.
To a client in the middle of a personal injury case, convenience is everything. Automated file requests, e-signatures, and scheduling let them do whatever they need to do from the comfort of their own home, saving both of you the irritating back and forth and letting you go back to building a strong case.
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Personal Injury Law Firm Intake Form
Law Firm CRM

CRM for Personal Injury Lawyers

A strong case needs a quality CRM.

When your case gets messy, you need a legal CRM that won’t fall short and leave back-end work that takes you away from front-facing time with your clients. Lawmatics CRM for lawyers is your comprehensive solution to case management that prioritizes both efficiency and growth at every step.
All of your contacts, all in one place.
Lawmatics offers a unified yet individualized approach to intake and case management that lets you organize every client by their unique needs, as well as take a step back and see the big picture with custom law firm performance management. Manage all client activity and communications in one place!
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Time is of the essence, and it’s in short supply.

Don’t let tedious administrative work distract you and eat up time you could be spending not only building a slam dunk case for your client, but seizing new opportunities and growing your book of business as well. Law firm automation software will keep everyone moving along as scheduled with fewer costly bumps and every single detail accounted for.
Don’t lump your clients with the masses.
Use Lawmatics audience segmentation software to group your clients based on criteria that’s important to them, so that each interaction is more valuable and stronger client connections come naturally.
Stay fully present with clients while Lawmatics does the rest.
When you’re stressing about leads slipping through the cracks or deadlines being missed, it’s hard to stay fully engaged. Dynamic email workflows and drip email marketing campaigns make sure you never miss an opportunity and no one gets put on the backburner.
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law firm data analytics

Personal Injury Law Firm Analytics

Be the expert on your own firm.

If you aren’t actively collecting data to inform your firm’s business decisions, you’re missing huge opportunities for growth. If you’re doing it by hand, you’re wasting your time. Lawmatics data analytics for law firms collects the data you need and transforms it into easily digestible visual reports so that you know exactly how you’re doing, at any given moment.
Create custom reports that reveal actionable insights.
You tell Lawmatics what data is important to you and how you want it presented, and Lawmatics does the rest. You’ll be able to see where you stand against your law firm goals without having to stop working towards them.
Grow your firm with confidence.
When you’re armed with data about where your most profitable clients are coming from, how your marketing efforts are stacking up, and your firm’s productivity, the next steps become clearer and you have confidence in your business decisions.
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Lawyers choose Lawmatics

Our customers give their clients the client-focused experience they deserve. Learn how they do it all with Lawmatics.
We are using Lawmatics now on a daily basis and I am happy to report that we are loving it. Not only has it improved the efficiency of our intake process, but separating the CRM function from Clio seems to have sped Clio up as well. In addition, I am finally starting to get some good reporting on lead generation.
Todd Cole
Cole Law Group
This product is really amazing! I’m shocked everyone isn't using this. […] It saves so much drudgery.
Jonathan Petts
Better Law
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