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Build stronger client relationships and stay on top of every detail, while maintaining a steady influx of new business with Lawmatics law firm CRM, legal intake solutions, marketing automation and legal data analytics reporting software.
Client Intake

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Onboard new clients with ease

Leave the tedious, repetitive tasks of client intake up to Lawmatics legal software. Our intuitive case intake software enables estate planning attorneys to automate the onboarding so that no opportunities slip through the cracks.
Never forget to follow up with new clients
Forgetting to follow up is an easy mistake that can lose your clients’ trust. Automate the follow up to instantly engage with every new client who reaches out to your firm. Lawmatics legal client intake software works to automatically capture a potential lead’s information and onboards them into a dynamic email workflow.
Set the stage for an elevated client experience
Start serving your clients from the moment they reach out to your law firm with rapid automated responses and other intuitive features. Automated appointment scheduling allows leads to book an initial consultation directly into your calendar without the tiresome process of email and phone tag.
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Estate Planning CRM

Enhance the estate planning client experience

Whether you’re drafting a will or living trust for a client or devising a plan to mitigate a client’s estate taxes, Lawmatics helps to improve communication and manage all of the critical details of the matter in one unified place. With our intuitive CRM for lawyers, you can deliver the best possible experience for your clients to generate repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals.
Focus on the right leads at the right time
Lawmatics pipeline management software provides a clear overview of all your deals in one place. With visibility into each client’s journey, you can effectively engage the right prospects at the appropriate time to secure their business.
Automate your vital documentation processes
Eliminate countless hours spent of administrative work with key automation features by Lawmatics. Document automation drafts routine documents for you. Custom forms let you create sophisticated estate planning questionnaires and obtain the information you need effortlessly. The e-signature tool enables clients to electronically sign documents within seconds, instead of waiting days for an email response. And automatically get the files you need to evaluate their estate plan quickly and securely.
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Estate Planning Marketing Automation

Generate new and repeat business

When your days are booked solid with client meetings and preparing estate plans, there’s little room for even thinking about your marketing efforts. Let Lawmatics law firm marketing automation for law firms lead your business development efforts by reaching out to leads and attracting new business, while you focus on your clients.
Powerfully nurture leads from one stage to the next
Utilize Lawmatics marketing features like dynamic email workflows and drip marketing automation campaigns to nurture, engage and delight clients at every step of the process. Audience segmentation allows you to organize leads and clients based on specific criteria to create more personalized email messaging.
Make a great impression with personalized email campaigns
The right message at the right time can be the reason a client chooses to work with you over another law firm. Create personalized email campaigns in Lawmatics’ custom email suite tailored for each client based on their journey and unique legal needs.
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law firm data analytics

Real Estate Business Plan Software

Back up your decisions with real data

Proper data is the hard evidence you need to make smarter marketing decisions that will catapult your law firm toward your long-term goals. Lawmatics lets you customize reports to suit your practice and lays everything out for you in an easy-to-understand format, so you can quickly access the information you need.
Keep a close eye on the data that matters most to you
Data is critical to reaching your law firm goals and objectives. Create custom law firm reports with Lawmatics’ legal reporting software to capture data that’s most relevant to your law firm’s current objectives. As your practice grows and objectives evolve, Lawmatics makes it simple to modify or create new reports so that you can continuously optimize your business development and marketing efforts.
Reach your law firm marketing goals faster
Lawmatics visual analytics and other features offer a simple and manageable way to collect meaningful data and monitor key profitability metrics. Lawmatics goal tracking is an exclusive feature you’ll find only on our reporting software that allows you to set, track and conquer your goals for the growth of your practice.
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We absolutely LOVE Lawmatics - we laugh when we make a suggestion or even think about something and then boom it is there like you read our minds! It is the perfect solution for our estate planning practice!”

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