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Attract more prospects, win more clients

Automate the leg work of your marketing efforts, so you can drive growth in your business while staying focused on your clients. Lawmatics law firm marketing software helps you seize every new client opportunity with targeted messaging and impeccable timing.
Markeing Automation Workflow

Automated Marketing Campaigns

Automated email marketing to nurture leads from one stage to the next

Legal marketing software allows attorneys to easily build email marketing campaigns with drag and drop features. Choose from custom triggers, logic and actions to send the right emails to the right leads at the right time.

Guide your leads through a seamless journey as you engage, nurture and convert them into new happy clients for your practice!
Conti Moore Smith

You can customize Lawmatics to be whatever you need it to be for your law firm, and you'll save tons of money. The longer you wait, the more money you're losing out on.“

— Conti Moore Smith
If/Then Automation

Case Intake Email Automation

Let Lawmatics do the busy work with automated case intake and email follow-ups

Put time back into your day and automate the simple tasks with legal intake management software. Easily configure visual pathways, step-by-step templates, timed trigger client action campaigns, and segmented follow-up messages with the click of a mouse.

Email Marketing Software for Law Firms

Stand out with customized law firm email marketing templates

With Lawmatics, you can create, schedule, and send automated client communications to keep everyone in the know. Start with one of our professionally designed templates or build your own from scratch in minutes. Improve your organization, work more efficiently, and be able to account for every detail from intake to happy client.
Create Automated Emails with Lawmatics Legal Marketing Software

Lawmatics gives us enterprise tools at a small business price. We love having access to all of the automation and management features, and our clients love the experience too.“

— Christopher Gaddy, Nice Law Firm
Legal Marketing Software Used to Qualify Potential Clients

Dynamic Email Workflows

Never miss an opportunity

Connect and streamline multiple marketing tactics to create dynamic workflows. From client intake to settlement, Lawmatics marketing automation software ensures that you and your staff can account for every detail about a lead or client’s journey. Plus, you’ll be able to use your CRM data to trigger the next marketing step.

Audience Segmentation

Determine the who, when, where and how with marketing audience segmentation

With marketing audience segmentation, you can dynamically group contacts based on different criteria like status, matter type, location, and more to deliver more personalized content that they’ll actually want to open. Then, track and analyze the results of your campaigns with built in analytics and reporting tools.
audience segmentation

Frequently asked questions

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation plays a critical role for busy lawyers who have multiple cases and client meetings. With such a busy schedule it can be incredibly challenging to find time to generate leads. With marketing automation, lawyers can efficiently market their law firms while they focus on their clients' cases. By putting their marketing on auto-pilot they can provide the best possible client experience and in turn, produce more revenue.

What is legal marketing automation software?

The administrative tedious work that it requires to run a law firm can eat up a considerable portion of lawyers’ days, and marketing is a big part of it. Since marketing is a critical part of attracting clients and keeping up with the competition, however, it’s important that it gets done.

Legal marketing software automates tedious tasks without lawyers having to do a thing manually. It’s as simple as creating an email marketing template that goes out whenever you want it to, and prospects will receive timely and personalized marketing material. In turn, lawyers can measure the success of their automated marketing efforts thanks to the software’s built in visual analytics feature.

What do I need to start using marketing automation?

Start incorporating marketing automation into your law firm with the help of Lawmatics client-focused and easy-to-use software. Easily create automated campaigns that go out to the right prospect at the right time and save valuable time for you and your clients. For a closer look at how Lawmatics can help you take your law firm marketing to the next level, sign up for a free product demo.

What is marketing automation in CRM?

A legal CRM gives lawyers a complete birdseye view of where each client stands and integrates with marketing software. Lawyers can automate what automated marketing emails can go out when depending on where each prospect is in their client journey, and send out personalized messaging more likely to yield results.

Marketing automation within a CRM like Lawmatics gets triggered by behavior of your choosing, whether it’s sending a happy birthday message to a previous client, or a thank you message following a consultation. Because of its effectiveness of increasing sales, it’s a highly sought after tool for busy lawyers who want to expand their law firm but don’t have the time to manually market themselves.

What does marketing automation do?

One of the biggest reasons for leads falling through the cracks of law firms is that they get forgotten. Marketing automation concentrates on leads by nurturing and engaging them every step of the client journey so lawyers can focus on their open cases. Often a simple follow-up or reminder is all that it takes to stay on the minds of prospects rather than them going to a competitor instead. Lawmatics law firm marketing automation software drives sales, scales business, and boosts client engagement, ultimately increasing revenue for law firms of all sizes.

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