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Matthew Sullivan
Executive Director of Finance and Operations, Sullivan Law & Associates

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Meet Matthew Sullivan
As the Executive Director of Finance and Operations at Sullivan Law & Associates, Matthew Sullivan is responsible for the business end of the practice. From business plans to best practices, Matthew is tasked with making sure his firm turns a profit. The firm’s founder – Matthew’s father – has 47 years of practice experience, but Sullivan Law & Associates has only been in operation the last five years. Matthew has spent this time focused on growing the firm and making it more efficient.

If I were to create an intake platform, it would look exactly like Lawmatics.”

— Matthew Sullivan

The Mission

With a staff that includes attorneys, paralegals, and intake and administrative personnel, Matthew needs to keep the firm’s workflow streamlined. Because of a lengthy manual intake process, staff struggled to easily filter leads to the clients they could serve best. To grow as a business, less time needed to be spent on redundant admin tasks and more time spent on delivering quality services. Strong reporting insights were also key to creating a data-informed growth strategy for the firm. “We need to make sure that we're running that successful business. We need to make sure that we are profitable and can reinvest that back into the firm.”


Managing High Volume with Manual Processes

With hundreds of leads to juggle each year, Sullivan Law & Associates sought an efficient way to organize and qualify their leads without losing hours of the team’s day. Manually editing email and document templates simply wasn’t going to work anymore.

Lack of Detailed Reporting & Analytics

Monitoring return on investment is a crucial component of Matthew’s role, but he didn’t have the data necessary to assess performance. Matthew longed for a way to identify how various marketing campaigns were performing, how many leads and consultations the firm earned, and the client conversion rate of leads and consultations.

Handling Forms & Client Information

Sullivan Law & Associates’ intake process relied on manually adjusting forms, printing out paper copies for clients to fill out, and then verbally looping in paralegals. Between the clunky process and inability to easily search paper files, managing new client data was a major inefficiency.

I used maybe five different platforms before in the intake process and now we're essentially using one.”

— Ashley Arganda

Benefit Highlights

Data-Informed Business Strategy

Getting real-time data feedback has revolutionized Matthew’s ability to evaluate the firm’s business trends. He can easily track how many leads convert to consultations, and how many of those consultations convert to clients. The Lawmatics Reporting Dashboard also gives Matthew a breakdown of marketing campaign performance. By monitoring monthly net client count and campaign ROI, Matthew can easily course correct on marketing and intake as needed.

Streamlined Intake

Despite a high volume of leads, Sullivan Law’s intake staff now spends less time on paperwork than ever. Automations allow for quick delivery of intake forms and documents, offering potential clients a seamless experience with instructions for next steps sent directly to their inbox at every stage of the intake process. “Our pipeline is long, but it’s also a very segmented process with steps throughout that we can keep the client informed of where they are in the process.”

Automated Communication

Automatic follow-ups save time and keep clients in the loop. Automatic triggers throughout the client intake process reduce lag and notify staff of hot lead actions — such as when a potential client downloads a resource from the website. “Everyone's on the same page. You see exactly what stage they're in, what documents are still needed, what information is still needed, rather than having to do a lot of manual follow ups, not just externally, but also internally.”


Forms and custom fields allow Matthew to capture the information his firm needs – no more, no less. Customizing reports and automations gives them flexibility to adapt and optimize their process for the client experience without repetitive, manual data entry. With Lawmatics, Sullivan Law & Associates can keep their client details organized and easily accessible to anyone on the team so that nothing slips through the cracks.

Power Features

Workflow Pipeline

From an organizational standpoint, the Lawmatics Intake Pipeline makes it easy for Sullivan Law & Associates to manage a high volume of leads. The visualization gives Matthew a way to easily identify workflow issues, like if leads bottleneck at a particular stage of intake. It’s also helped them track the client journey and pinpoint the status of any given client at any given time. “It's extremely helpful to just be able to take a glance and see exactly where a PNC is or where a client is.”
Legal CRM
Law Firm Reporting and Metrics

Reporting & Insights

Lawmatics reporting features allow Matthew to sort through hundreds of potential clients and identify the lead types that are best suited for his firm’s services. Using a customized marketing dashboard, he’s able to monitor campaign performance in real time to make sure active efforts are bringing in new clients without losing the firm money. With detailed insights available on his reporting dashboard, Matthew can adapt the firm’s business and marketing strategy to optimize growth and ROI.


Matthew and his team can build an intake process that is as simple or intricate as they need it to be. Automations keep clients moving through the sales pipeline while cultivating a positive and personalized client experience. He can send emails, gather information with forms, and update tasks without needing extra headcount. “Automations give a client a consistent experience throughout. They're coming to us with the most important thing that has gone on in their lives and they've relied upon us to give them that great service.”
Custom Automation Workflow

Future Business Goals

With the help of Automations, Intake Forms, and reporting insights from Lawmatics, Matthew aims to achieve the following to further elevate the business of Sullivan Law & Associates:
  • Create a client intake survey to get real time feedback on the firm’s client experience
  • Continue to optimize the onboarding process for new clients
  • Build stronger email drip campaigns for maximum engagement

Lawmatics is a great platform for small and solo practices — and it's a great platform for very large, AM Law 100 firms.”

— Matthew Sullivan