Electronic Signature Software

Keep your law firm moving forward with digital signature software

Our law firm E-signature software enables you to create, sign, and store all of your documents and agreements in one digital space — keeping the ball continuously rolling.
client e-signature tool
client e-signature tool

Contract Management

Get things done — fast

Get your documents signed faster with the Lawmatics law firm CRM esign software. Anything you need done quickly can be created, shared, and signed securely within minutes rather than hours.
Fee agreements

Cross Platform Esign Compatibility

Increase efficiency while improving the client experience with an esign app

The Lawmatics e-signature tool eliminates bottlenecks and manual tasks for you, your staff, and your clients—increasing efficiency and creating a better experience all around.
Allow clients to sign quickly from anywhere on any device
Track who’s opened, signed or approved a document
Keep a complete paper trail without the actual paper
client e-signature tool
client e-signature tool

One and Done

One secure place for all things electronic signature

Store everything in the cloud, making for easy and secure access from anywhere, on any device with a client relationship manager. You can quickly & securely send documents out for e-signature and receive real-time notifications when clients have signed. It’s that easy.

Say goodbye to…
Searching through file cabinets
Piles of papers on your desk
Multiple computer systems to find a document
Printing, then scanning, then mailing

Frequently asked questions

What is an electronic signature?

Attorneys need their clients to sign all sorts of documentation throughout the client journey. Once upon a time, the only way to get it done was to go through the hassle of printing, signing, scanning and sometimes even faxing signatures. Electronic signature software allows clients to sign important paperwork immediately, moving the legal process along much faster. The end result is more time saved and a better and more efficient client experience.

What does electronic signature mean?

An electronic signature allows someone to sign something on a computer or phone with the same authentication as a physical signature. Not only is it a secure way to sign important documents, but it's incredibly convenient since you may not always be in a location where you’re able to quickly print, sign and scan something. 

A client doesn’t have to deal with printers or scanners or even a pen. It’s as simple as using their mouse to keep their case moving along to the next stage — from anywhere at any time.

What does an electronic signature solve?

One of the most common bottlenecks of the legal client intake process is waiting to send and receive important documents. Clients are often just as busy as their lawyers, so it can take a considerable amount of time to get important signatures back. 

E-signatures securely sign client documents from anywhere, even on a phone. Convenient, fast, and more efficient, e-signature functionality makes returning signed forms a straightforward and easy process.

What do I need to start using electronic signatures?

When it comes to getting your clients the best possible results for their legal case, time is everything. By giving your clients the right tools for keeping the ball continuously moving, you’ll improve the client experience and impress your clients with your modern approach. 

E-signatures make it easy to create, share and sign important documents quickly saving you valuable time. From fee agreements to contracts, Lawmatics e-sign app allows clients to sign on the go. Not only is it instant, but it makes it easy to track who's signed what. 

No more wondering what needs to be done next — you can keep a complete paper trail without the actual paper all in the palm of your hand. If you’re ready to see how electronic signatures can help your law firm eliminate bottlenecks from your client intake process, sign up for a free demo today!

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