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Our E-signature software enables you to create, sign, and store all of your documents and agreements in one digital space — keeping the ball continuously rolling.
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Contract Management

Get things done – fast

Get your documents signed faster with the Lawmatics E-signature tool. Anything you need done quickly can be created, shared, and signed securely within minutes rather than hours.
Fee agreements
Cross platform compatibility

Increase efficiency while improving the client experience

The Lawmatics e-signature tool eliminates bottlenecks and manual tasks for you, your staff, and your clients—increasing efficiency and creating a better experience all around.
Allow clients to sign quickly from anywhere on any device
Track who’s opened, signed or approved a document
Keep a complete paper trail without the actual paper
Lawmatics signature input
E-signature completed
ONe and done

One secure place for everything

Store everything in the cloud, making for easy and secure access from anywhere, on any device. You can quickly & securely send documents out for e-signature and receive real-time notifications when clients have signed. It’s that easy.

Say goodbye to…
Searching through file cabinets
Piles of papers on your desk
Multiple computer systems to find a document
Printing, then scanning, then mailing

Law firms love Lawmatics

Our customers give their clients the client-focused experience they deserve. Learn how they do it all with Lawmatics.
Chris Gaddy
Case Study

How Nice Law Firm increased onboarding by 70%

With Lawmatics automation tools and integrated partner solutions, Nice Law Firm accelerated the client onboarding process by 70% and cut time spent on manual processes in half
Case Study

Complete visibility of the entire client journey

How Lawmatics helped Miller Estate and Elder Law increase the overall effectiveness of their marketing efforts while improving the client experience
Case Study

Building a foundation for growth with automation

How solo family law attorney, Bill Farias, is using Lawmatics to bring the vision of his firm to life.

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