Document Automation

Documentation automation software — from intake to e-signature

With Lawmatics legal document automation software, you can turn template documents into intelligent automated workflows and spare yourself hours of busy work.
legal document automation

Document Assembly Software

One click, fast document assembly for lawyers

Use custom fields to merge the data you need from your matters and contacts, then auto-fill directly into your boilerplate PDF and Word documents — all with the click of a mouse.
Eliminate time spent on creating and filling out documents
Ensure 100% accuracy for all completed forms
Gain priceless client independence and valuable time
legal document automation
legal document automation

Legal Document Preparation Software

Legal automation software to generate, send, sign, repeat

With Lawmatics document automation, instantly generate documents styled in your preferred template. Use Word, PDFs, or our online text editor app to minimize errors and save time.

Not only is it incredibly easy to create documents with Lawmatics, but you can just as quickly review, send and receive with e-sign pdf software all in our simplified automation platform.

Legal Automation Software with Conditional Logic Blocks

Documents that practically create themselves

Lawmatics helps reduce time spent generating documents by plugging in data straight with a custom form builder and dynamically populating it into a document.
Create custom questions in your forms to gather whatever data you need for automatic populating matter-specific documents.
Add complex branching logic with marketing automation to determine what questions and pages to show or hide — saving you even more valuable time.
legal document automation

Law firms love Lawmatics

Our customers give their clients the client-focused experience they deserve. Learn how they do it all with Lawmatics.
attorney client software
Case Study

How Nesevich Law Used Lawmatics to Drive More New and Repeat Business

With the help of Lawmatics, solo estate planning and elder law attorney, Russ Nesevich from New Jersey found a new strategy in growing his practice
Chris Gaddy
Case Study

How Nice Law Firm increased onboarding by 70%

With Lawmatics automation tools and integrated partner solutions, Nice Law Firm accelerated the client onboarding process by 70% and cut time spent on manual processes in half
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Complete visibility of the entire client journey

How Lawmatics helped Miller Estate and Elder Law increase the overall effectiveness of their marketing efforts while improving the client experience

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