Invoice with ease and get paid faster.

Lawmatics’ law firm billing software automates each step in the billing process — everything from invoice creation to invoice sharing, payment collection, and payment status.
Billing & Invoicing


Streamline your invoicing with automatic billing reconciliation

Recurring invoicing, tracking billable hours, matter management, and reporting all seamlessly work together in Lawmatics. All logged time entries on your matters are pulled directly into your invoices as line items, making for easy and on demand legal billing and invoice generation. You can even include line items with details such as fund deductions from trust balances, remaining trust account balances, and more for maximum transparency.


Deploy professional-looking invoices in seconds

Your law firm is the real deal, be sure it looks the part. Lawmatics’ billing system makes it easy to create billing guidelines and send professional-looking invoices a cinch. With our invoice generator, it’s simple to create and customize your invoice, add your firm logo to each legal bill, and personalize your payment confirmation email. Your clean, legible invoice design is sure to impress clients and incentivize timely payment.


Provide easy client access to invoices

Your legal team can share invoices with your clients in a way that’s easy for them and efficient for you. Whether it’s via our client communication portal, secure email, or by traditional mail, Lawmatics’ legal billing software enables you to review bills and share client invoices via your preferred method of delivery in just a few clicks.


Collect on invoices faster with flexible payment options

Stop chasing clients for checks or waiting in line at the bank. Let your clients pay their preferred way — via credit card or other convenient online payment option — and eliminate any barriers to client payment in the process.
Lawmatics Invoice

Lawmatics gives us enterprise tools at a small business price. We love having access to all of the automation and management features, and our clients love the experience too.“

— Christopher Gaddy, The Nice Law Firm


Stay in control of your firm’s financial health

Whether you have a small firm or a large one, a holistic view of your finances is essential in running a profitable law firm. Lawmatics offers a clear view into paid, outstanding, and overdue balances so you can look into billing issues and take action accordingly. Automated payment reminders let you follow up with clients to collect funds and keep finances on track without having to lift a finger.

Law firms love Lawmatics

Our customers give their clients the client-focused experience they deserve. Learn how they do it all with Lawmatics.
Conti Moore Smith
Case Study

How Lawmatics helped Conti Moore Law, PLLC save time and cut costs while driving 2x growth

Conti's law firm has doubled the amount of business it is handling in the last year. With Lawmatics, they are well equipped to efficiently manage the increase in work.
Case Study

Lawmatics powers rapid growth of Arizona criminal defense firm

Unified by their commitment to outstanding legal representation, Ryan McPhie and David Lish leveraged Lawmatics to grow their practice from a small operation to three locations with over 20 staff members.
Matthew Sullivan
Case Study

Accelerated intake increases profit for family law firm

Matthew Sullivan of Sullivan Law & Associates is able to process a higher volume of leads and convert more prospects into clients by accelerating intake with the help of automation tools offered by Lawmatics.
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