How Lawmatics helped Nesevich Law, LLC build a 5-star reputation and drive more new and repeat business

Russ Nesevich
Managing Partner at Nesevich Law Firm LLC
attorney client software
Solo Estate Planning and Elder Law
Moorestown, New Jersey and Manalpan, New Jersey
A drastic increase in the total number of client meetings booked
Streamlined attorney-client communication
150+ 5-star Google reviews

The challenge

During a financial services career that included 6 years at Goldman Sachs and almost 15 years at a real estate private equity firm, Russ Nesevich decided to fulfill a lifelong dream of going to law school. A few years after earning his JD and MBA through a part time program and evening / weekend  classes, and passing the NJ and PA Bar, Russ decided to take the plunge and start his very own law firm in November of 2017.

“We take pride in getting to know you, creating a plan that accomplishes your goals, ensuring that you understand that plan, and being there when you need us along the way.”

Russ spent a disproportionate amount of time and resources managing complex legal practice management software and chaotic spreadsheets.

While building his business, Russ tried legal practice software solutions and good old-fashioned spreadsheets to manage client intake and marketing automation. He didn’t see the results he was expecting with either solution and wanted to find a comprehensive solution that would make his life simpler so he could focus on the actual estate planning work that his clients need from him.

Keeping track of clients and the stages of their matters took a lot of manual effort. 

Every email communication, every document shared, and scheduled appointment required a lot of effort on Russ’ behalf. Russ recognized right away that this would not scale with his business — something had to give.

The solution

“Lawmatics makes it easy for me to exceed my clients’ expectations.”

Scheduling meetings with clients is hassle-free with Lawmatics’ Appointment Scheduling.

As a primarily one-person law firm, Russ doesn’t have the bandwidth to go back and forth with clients on scheduling necessary meetings. With Lawmatics Appointment Scheduling, he can show which time slots are available on his calendar, and his clients can select the day and time that works best for them.

"Lawmatics makes it look like there's three of me."

Using Dynamic Email Workflows allows Russ to stay in touch with clients and automatically keep them up-to-date on their case’s progress.

Before Lawmatics, staying in touch with clients and providing updates on their cases meant Russ had to draft a new email every time.

With Lawmatics Dynamic Email Workflows, Russ can change a client’s status, and an email is automatically sent out with the information they need. If a client needs to take an action, Russ can send an automated email with clear instructions and even send reminders if he doesn’t hear back from the client. All without having to create individual emails every time he wants to contact his client.

“It makes it seem like I’m sitting in my office only thinking about a single client when the reality is I’m handling so much more than they realize.”

Russ is part of a community of Lawmatics users and consultants that help him be more successful.

The flexibility and customization available with the Lawmatics platform mean the sky is the limit for building automations that helps Russ be more efficient and provide an outstanding level of service for his clients. Russ has connected with fellow Lawmatics users, and they regularly brainstorm ideas, share best practices, and work together to help each other get the most value out of the solution.

“As a customer of Lawmatics, I have a community to bounce ideas and get best practices to help my business be more successful.”

The results

On track to build an in-house team and continue to grow a client base

"The time saved is incalculable. Seriously...I can try to give you a number, but I think it's incalculable."

Lawmatics made it possible for Russ to make his first hire last year, in part to help manage his client intake and marketing automation systems, and he has plans to add additional full-time staff members to his firm by the end of the year.

“Lawmatics gives me the freedom to test new ideas that help make my business more successful.”

Earned over 150 five-star reviews from Google in 2 years

Lawmatics platform automates the entire process for Russ’ clients so that it is easy and they feel like Russ is there every step of the way. These glowing reviews help Russ build his client base through referrals and word of mouth.

“If you make a client feel like they are valued and you’re thinking about them, that client is going to be thrilled. I can do that with each and every client thanks to Lawmatics.”
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