Michigan family law firm boosts client retainment by 25% with Lawmatics

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Corinne Kraayeveld-Verwijs
Corinne Kraayeveld-Verwijs
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Kraayeveld Law Offices
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Family Law
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Meet Corinne Kraayeveld-Verwijs
When Jim Kraayeveld founded the practice in 1993, Corinne came on board to help him get the business off the ground for what was supposed to be only a matter of months. Months turned into a few years, and years turned into decades. Thirty years later, the pair run a thriving family law firm with five exceptional attorneys. Although Corinne refers to herself as a practice manager, she wears many hats, doing in her words “whatever it takes to get business coming in.”

With 12 employees, and a mission to go the extra mile for their clients, Corinne was searching for ways to facilitate the best possible client experience that would encourage favorable reviews and plenty of referrals.

Lawmatics allows us to go the extra mile without hiring more people.”

— Corinne Kraayeveld-Verwijs

The mission

Priding themselves on full transparency and a passionate yet brutally honest approach, Kraayeveld Law Offices is one of the few practices in their area that doesn’t shy away from tough cases. Family law brings with it a lot of contentious cases, and requires a passionate pursuit of excellence to weather the recurring challenges. With over 30 years of experience, Kraayeveld Law has developed a strong reputation for aggressively representing their clients, thanks in part to the help of legal technology that provides an operational foundation to streamline their processes so they can focus on what matters most— attentive legal services to clients coming to them in a time of personal crisis.


Limitations of software

Despite being a fan of Clio Manage, Corinne was disappointed with the shortcomings of the platform’s growth suite. One of the biggest challenges being the lack of performance insights. Without proper analytics, Corinne had no means of identifying gaps in the firm’s intake process to increase efficiency. “Clio had all these big promises about Clio Grow but hasn’t yet delivered. I’m not sure they’ve ever implemented any real changes.”

Client no-shows

Prior to automated scheduling and reminders, her firm had no shortage of no-shows. Yet, with so much going on, a manual follow-up process for appointment reminders wasn’t a realistic option for their workload. “With Lawmatics, I've noticed an increase in people showing up for their appointments and actually hiring us.”

Client contact limitations

With so many competitors using SMS as an immediate means to follow up with clients, Corrine was discouraged with Clio Grow, which only offered email appointment reminders. “Every dentist, every doctor, texts you about your appointment. I wanted to be able to text, and one of my expectations was to really build this out, to keep the client engaged more.”

Lawmatics automations make it possible for us to focus on the next phase of scaling the business.”

— Corinne Kraayeveld-Verwijs

Benefit highlights

Improved marketing effectiveness

Drip email marketing offers Corinne a way to send out personalized email marketing automatically as each client proceeds from one stage of the sales funnel to the next. “My contacts get specific drip emails geared towards divorce, or child custody cases, and a bit of freebie advice. I think that should create a lot more work.” Because her contacts receive content tailored to their needs, specific case type, and stage in the client journey, Corinne anticipates her marketing effectiveness to soar.

Increased client retention

The high rates of Kraayeveld Law Offices deters some prospects from hiring outright. But by diligently following up with those who didn’t follow through with a retainer, Corinne has seen a 15-25% boost in client retainment rate. Automated texts and emails showcasing the firm’s many accomplishments as well as helpful tips in navigating the legal system do wonders in persuading prospective clients that the firm’s services are well worth the sticker price.

Hours saved on client intake

The flexible sales, marketing, and intake automations that Lawmatics offers spares Kraayeveld Law Offices 4 to 5 hours a week of administrative work that they can instead devote to vigorously preparing their clients for trial. Corinne asserts that since they’ve been able to save so much time that they are now able to devote more time to their clients.

Decrease in lost prospects

Nothing stalls progress in new client onboarding quite like missed appointments. Since implementing a loss prevention nurture flow using Lawmatics, Kraayeveld Law Offices has seen an uptick in prospects taking the proper steps to get back on track. “Say someone misses an appointment for whatever reason. Lawmatics flags that and drops them into a nurture flow via our automations, after which they often call us again to reschedule.”

Lower overhead

Because of the robust automations that streamline and simplify the intake process, Lawmatics handles the repetitive operational action items that would otherwise require a paid staff member. “Without Lawmatics I would have to hire another employee at this point to handle intake, which is automated now. The amount of information that I can provide without hiring more people, allows for our firm to go the extra mile for our clients without incurring additional costs.”

Informed clients

Without automation, informing clients of impending court dates, firm appointments, or next steps can be a demanding, full-time position. Lawmatics helps keep Corinne’s clients and prospects in the loop with both drip messages (pre-programmed emails/texts that are sent in sequence unique to each contact) and triggered emails (emails/texts that fire based on a client action or status update). In doing so, clients and attorneys are better prepared for what’s to come.

Power features

Email drip marketing

Drip emails keep clients engaged even after you’ve lost contact. Repeatable processes make it easy to deliver consistent communication automatically from one stage of the client journey to the next without having to do a thing. For Kraayeveld Law, this translates into a streamlined follow-up process with an impressive client retention rate.
Legal CRM Automation
Law Firm Reporting and Metrics

Performance analytics

Keeping a close eye on their most important analytics was an important part of scaling Kraayeveld Law. Running regular reports has helped Corinne’s firm significantly increase client retention by 15-25%, encourage repeat business and referrals, and ultimately increase their overall revenue by 15-25%. A data-driven approach was paramount to making changes where it mattered most.

SMS/text messaging

With the help of client communication features like SMS Messaging, Kraayeveld Law Offices is able to keep clients well informed, seeing the company’s core mission through. Automated appointment reminders, case status updates, and other informational messages ensure that all parties stay accountable and on the same page. The end result is swifter intake, repeat clients and increased referrals.
SMS and Text Messaging

There is an element of the sky's the limit with Lawmatics, which is why we use it to this day.”

— Corinne Kraayeveld-Verwijs

Future business goals

Corinne has every intention of scaling Kraayeveld Law after a steadily increasing growth rate. Over the next coming years she aims to achieve the following with the help of automation:
  • Increase retention rate
  • Identify and address all process bottlenecks
  • Increase annual revenue