Vancouver immigration firm doubles clients with Lawmatics

Harjit Grewal
Founder & Director
Sterling Immigration Ltd.
The results
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increase in lead conversions
increase in new clients
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7 Staff
Vancouver, BC & London, UK
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Active Campaign
Meet Harjit Grewal
Harjit Grewal is the Founder and Director of Sterling Immigration, a law firm that serves individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses looking to relocate to Canada or the UK. As a practicing attorney who oversees his firm’s business, Harjit has a lot on his plate. Though immigration law is his area of expertise, he’s gotten a practicum crash course on running a business in two countries.

Lawmatics is simple to use, and it gets results.”

— Harjit Grewal

The mission

Sterling Immigration has tried several CRM solutions, including Active Campaign, Zoho One, and Lexicata (now known as Clio Grow). None of them were able to provide robust client relationship management features, automations, and integrated connectivity with other software in Sterling Immigration’s tech stack. Harjit needed an intake platform that could scale with his business, capable of processing hundreds of leads a month.


Lackluster tech stack

Harjit had difficulty integrating his previous tools, even through Zapier. He had trouble syncing his previous CRM with outside software like Mailchimp. Even when his apps were connected, they were clunky and buggy. “The CRM was very difficult to customize.”

Juggling high volume of leads

As Sterling Immigration grew, they initially struggled to keep up with the number of new inquiries each week. It became infeasible to manually process 40 to 50 leads a week, in addition to serving clients with active matters. “Immigration is very, very lead heavy. You need some way of segmenting leads and sending them appropriate information.”

Response time

In Harjit’s experience practicing immigration law, promptly responding to leads is critical. The longer a prospective client needs to wait for a response, the higher the likelihood that they reach out to a competing firm. With so many leads to juggle, Sterling Immigration needed to expand its capacity for outbound communications.

Without Lawmatics, we wouldn’t push as many leads through to conversion.”

— Harjit Grewal

Benefit highlights

Cooperative tech stack

As an all-in-one CRM, Lawmatics reduced the number of software applications needed to run the business of Sterling Immigration. Connecting the intake process to tools like LEX Reception is a breeze with Lawmatics’ robust integrations and Zapier connection. “Any lead who cold calls us is added into Lawmatics through the integration that we've got with LEX Reception. Then we send out some really nice emails and a couple of text messages.”

Managing higher volume

With a staff that includes caseworkers, consultants, and a paralegal, Harjit’s firm has to stay on top of its caseload in two countries. Sterling Immigration now easily manages the large number of inquiries his firm receives every week. Lawmatics saves and centralizes the information of hundreds of prospective clients, allowing for easy outreach. “I like that we can be engaged with the lead and put them through an automated marketing campaign.”

Quicker follow up

Whenever a prospective client’s contact information is captured, Sterling Immigration delivers a drip campaign with information on the firm’s services and operating procedures. In turn, the client experience is prompt, attentive, and most importantly, uniform. “It looks quite impressive from the client’s point of view as well — this attorney’s on top of things and he's the guy to get the job done.”

Higher conversion rates

With the help of automated nurture campaigns and instant follow-up, Sterling Immigration’s lead conversion rate rose from 9% to 19%. “Our number of clients has doubled since adopting Lawmatics. We used to spend a lot more time converting the lead and were previously unable to reach back out to them in an organized way.”

Power features

Automated email drip campaigns

When a prospective client fills out a contact form on Sterling Immigration’s website, they’ll receive a series of emails detailing the firm’s mission and service offerings. “We’re finding a lot of leads who receive drip emails are going to book a paid consultation, or just tell us ‘I’d like to just go ahead with you guys and get you to do my application.’”
Custom Email Suite
Custom Fields

Custom forms

Custom forms and fields allow Sterling Immigration to build forms that closely resemble relevant immigration forms. Painstaking data entry becomes a breeze. “This is just so much more impressive. And I think the client feels like they're having a good experience, because they feel that you are quite tech savvy. And they're receiving these forms instantaneously.”

File requests

Immigration applications are typically lengthy and require detailed, meticulous information about Harjit’s clients. In lieu of using a file storage client such as Dropbox, Harjit is able to securely collect and store all new client immigration files in Lawmatics. “You need to capture certain information from them to be able to fill in the visa forms. The File Request feature in Lawmatics is a nice, easy method of gathering the information from the client.”
File Requests in Form Templates

Our Lawmatics form cuts out a lot of the duplication.”

— Harjit Grewal

Future business goals

  • Develop specializations within certain aspects of immigration
  • Build drip marketing campaigns for each specialization using Lawmatics audience segmentation

Lawmatics is getting us really, really organized. And it's not intimidating compared to other tools like Zoho and ActiveCampaign.”

— Harjit Grewal