How Lawmatics helped Digital Dames’ client, Ronstadt Law, save time and money with data-driven insights

Digital Dames
Digital Dames
Industry: Full-Stack Engineering & Design Firm
Location: Chandler, Arizona
Founded: 2016
Lawmatics user since: 2020
Company size: Small
Favorite feature: Lawmatics API
Erin Ronstadt
Ronstadt Law
Erin Ronstadt
Practice area: Insurance Bad Faith, ERISA, Disability
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Lawmatics user since: 2020
Firm size: Small
Key Result #1
Ronstadt Law saved money and time by using Lawmatics data to determine how to spend their marketing dollars more intelligently
Key Result #2
Ronstadt Law can hold their marketing team accountable for performance and have meaningful discussions about marketing efforts
Key Result #3
Digital Dames has a trusted partner in Lawmatics for their growing list of clients in the legal space

The challenge

Founded in 2016, Digital Dames is a conversion rate optimization agency, offering full-stack engineering, UX/UI design, data optimization, and experimentation services to accelerate growth for startups, small to mid market enterprises, and non-profit/profit-for-good institutions. A few of their clients are: PBS NewsHour, Arizona State University and Phoenix Gateway Airport. Data plays a key role in Digital Dames’ marketing strategy for clients.

For clients in the legal space, specialized solutions to measure marketing attribution are the very cornerstone to success. In short, they recognize how important it is to have transparency into where their client’s customers are coming from, how much it’s costing them for every lead and what is their ultimate ROI in the long run. However, as the business grew, the team realized they needed specialized solutions to support their clients, especially in the legal space.

“We love working with attorneys. There’s so much opportunity, and the data specifically for law firms is fascinating.”

- Mani O’Brien, Co-Founder and Director of Marketing at Digital Dames

Digital Dames focus on helping law firms get the data they need to understand how their marketing efforts are performing.

Without the right analytics, legal clients cannot access the information they need to effectively market their law firm, drive new potential clients, and successfully guide leads through the sales process.

The Digital Dames team then began a search to find a CRM solution that included the flexibility and freedom to bring in different types of data into a single source of truth without the need for a ton of training and handholding. Their goal was to find a solution for their legal clients that empowered multiple teams to access insightful data and find what they need.

The solution

“We’ve been able to gain key insights into referral sources and more easily provide reports to our referral partners. As a result, we have built stronger relationships with referring colleagues. We’ve also saved money and time by using Lawmatics data to determine how to spend our marketing dollars more intelligently.”

- Erin Ronstadt, Principal and Managing Partner at Ronstadt Law

Digital Dame’s research led them to use Lawmatics for their legal clients.

The Digital Dames team noted a major opportunity for law firms because in the legal field, as is the case with many other service-oriented industries, firms tend to face many creative challenges when it comes to managing their data. Working with Ronstadt Law, a long-term disability law firm serving Arizona and California, provided a unique opportunity to start with a blank slate to build a technology stack that is custom fit to the unique needs of law firms.

"I looked at how the system worked, the underlying technology infrastructure and realized right away that Lawmatics was the best technology solution for our legal clients."

- Jaclyn Hawtin, Co-Founder and Senior Data Architect at Digital Dames

With a background in engineering, Jaclyn Hawtin evaluated Lawmatics based on the platform framework and API requirements. She was impressed with the documentation, stability, consistency, flexibility and ease of adoption in Lawmatics' modern API build. That is exactly what her developers needed for rapid deployment on their data projects. In addition. The ease of use on the Zapier integration has proven to be an essential value driver.

With the Support of Lawmatics, Digital Dames helped their client, Ronstadt Law, use data to make better-informed marketing decisions.

Erin Ronstadt and her team at Ronstadt Law have the information they need to understand what referral sources bring new clients. As a result, they can focus their time on the clients that make the most sense for their law firm. In addition, they can have more meaningful discussions about their marketing performance.

“We have learned what campaigns are leading to conversions at the firm and what ones are not worth our time.”

- Erin Ronstadt, Principal and Managing Partner at Ronstadt Law

Digital Dames was able to pull marketing data into each lawmatics matter down to the search-term level on first and second touch paid advertising interactions. This allows Ronstadt Law to understand what search phrases were actually converting into cases, and optimize campaigns to target those who were most effective, thus reducing ad spend and improving lead quality and the conversion ratio.

The results

In Lawmatics, the Digital Dames team has found a trusted technology partner for their legal clients.

“Lawmatics is the hub that ensures marketing and the firm are on the same page. The pipelines give us a clear overview of our potential and future clients to ensure we don’t miss out on any opportunities.”

- Erin Ronstadt, Principal and Managing Partner at Ronstadt Law

Digital Dames and Ronstadt Law have a bright future with the support of Lawmatics.

"We are excited to continue working with the Digital Dames team to develop processes and utilize more Lawmatics as we do so. As a managing partner, it feels great to be on top of intake!"

- Erin Ronstadt, Principal and Managing Partner at Ronstadt Law

Digital Dames Co-Founder, Jaclyn Hawtin, shares a piece of advice for other law firms looking to implement a new tech solution:

“Before implementing anything technical, take a step back and have a conversation with a strategy consultant to understand the business problems you have and the goals you are trying to achieve. From there, you can work through what the solution could look like. Once you have that all figured out, you can begin your search for the technical solution that makes the most sense for your firm.”
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