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Published on November 10, 2022
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Written by Patrick Grieve

A typical modern law firm has a tech stack with multiple softwares they juggle to help their firm function. Unfortunately, legal professionals can lose precious time to the redundancies of managing multiple systems – even though they initially pieced together their aforementioned tech stack to help them save time and be more efficient.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce that Lawmatics is the first and only automated legal intake & CRM platform to integrate with MyCase. Lawmatics + MyCase allows your firm to cover the entire client lifecycle from initial client intake to repeat business. Manage every aspect of the client relationship seamlessly, without the need for duplicate entry across multiple platforms.

Why Integrate with MyCase?

Attorneys and their intake teams shouldn’t have to worry about manually moving over data from one software to another when onboarding new clients. After all, technology exists to reduce administrative burden rather than pile on more work. With the direct integration between Lawmatics and MyCase, firms can smoothly transition from the intake process in Lawmatics to case management in MyCase.

A Smooth Connection from Lawmatics to MyCase

Lawmatics users can now automatically or manually sync matters over to MyCase. Any records that have been created in Lawmatics as matters will be pushed into MyCase along with corresponding details like notes and files. The integration, which takes only moments to activate, saves users time by eliminating redundant tasks and matter creation. 

To initiate the automatic sync, users will define triggers for data to instantaneously transfer to MyCase on a continuous basis. For instance, Lawmatics could sync matters to MyCase when an engagement agreement has been signed. Users also have the option to manually transfer a given matter to MyCase through the matter’s details page.

Sync Matter Details and Files Automatically

When integrating MyCase with Lawmatics, users will have the option to map over custom fields from Lawmatics to custom fields in MyCase. When a matter syncs or converts from Potential New Client to Hired, any files attached to the existing matter in Lawmatics will also move over to MyCase.

All of the manual work of making sure all details and relevant files get moved over to MyCase will be taken care of on the Lawmatics integration page.

How to Integrate Lawmatics and MyCase

If you’re already a Lawmatics user with an active MyCase account, you can integrate your platforms via the Administrative Settings page of your Lawmatics account. Simply click on the MyCase icon and follow the instructions to connect the two platforms. This process will prompt you to log in with your MyCase account, so have your login credentials ready.

Get started with Lawmatics + MyCase

If you’re a MyCase user looking for an intake solution for your firm, book a Lawmatics demo and see what all the fuss is about.

If you’re interested in learning more about MyCase, check out our dedicated integrations page.

Patrick Grieve

Patrick is the Jr. Copywriter at Lawmatics, the #1 attorney-client relationship management platform that provides law firms with client intake, CRM, and marketing automation. When he’s not writing (or reading) voraciously, you can probably find him in the stands of the nearest baseball or soccer game.
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