How Lawmatics Helped Adaptive Law Firm PS Streamline Client Intake and Save Thousands of Dollars in Operating Costs

Hollie Del Vecchio
Adaptive Law Firm PS
Hollie Del Vecchio
Practice area: Estate Planning, Business Planning, and Trust Administration
Location: Sedro-Woolley, Washington
Founded: 2013
Years using Lawmatics: 1
Firm size: Small
Favorite feature: Automation
Key Result #1
Saved thousands of dollars in operating costs and hours spent on non-billable tasks
Key Result #2
Integrated intake forms with WealthCounsel to optimize the client experience
Key Result #3
Increased productivity with improved ability to track intake and project progression

The Challenge

Since she opened her law firm in 2013, Hollie Del Vecchio has relied on technology to help automate tasks and allow her small but mighty team to support clients and manage projects. Over the years, the technology that was an integral part of her law firm’s operations evolved to include firm management, scheduling, and accounting software. Despite this robust technology stack, Hollie had struggled to find software that would effectively streamline the client intake process.
“The challenge has been finding the right combination of technology. Staff has an important role, but I would still much rather make optimizations in software programs than deal with personnel issues.”
Hollie realized spreadsheets and disjointed software solutions could not help her efficiently track client intake and project progression.
Client intake forms provide a lot of crucial detail for Hollie and her team, but her technology stack could not directly share that information which led to inefficiencies in the intake process.

The Solution

“Thanks to Lawmatics, I know that projects and clients aren’t slipping through the cracks.”

Lawmatics Automations were the missing piece in Hollie’s technology stack.

Like many Lawmatics customers, Hollie shares that Automations is her favorite feature within the Lawmatics platform. The ability to essentially automate every step of the client journey from start to finish is one of the secrets to Hollie’s budding practice and stellar reputation.

"I have come to the stark realization that it is much easier to have intake forms integrated into the intake process, which has been fantastic with Lawmatics. I don’t have to worry about whether a client received the intake form, or whether the information was being accurately entered into our systems. Their support staff was also an incredible resource in getting everything set up properly."

One of the integrations that has been critical for Hollie is the Lawmatics integration with WealthCounsel.

This integration is key as it makes it easy to use the information gathered from client intake forms to kick off trust and estate projects. By streamlining the process for getting the information needed for the projects, Hollie and her team can increase productivity and efficiency.

Lawmatics’ WealthCounsel integration was one of the key reasons I decided to go with Lawmatics. The integration makes it super easy to sync data from Lawmatics into WealthCounsel without me having to do anything.

The Results

Hollie can now sleep at night knowing that her practice is optimized to its fullest potential, thanks to Lawmatics.

The hours Hollie saves by using Lawmatics directly translates into real cost savings. She can successfully run her law firm with a small but highly efficient team.

"We’ve already saved thousands of dollars by reducing the time we’re spending on repetitive administrative tasks, and we’re just getting started!"

With Lawmatics, Hollie can continue to grow her law firm without sacrificing quality time with her family. Lawmatics has automated so many tedious tasks for Hollie, so now she can focus not just on practicing law but also on getting the best outcome possible for her clients.

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