Lawmatics v. Clio Grow

Learn why Lawmatics is the preferred solution to Clio Grow for client intake, marketing and client relationship management.

Choosing the right CRM for your law firm is critical for efficiency and growth

While Clio Grow and Lawmatics are both legal CRM platforms, an in-depth evaluation into the features reveals crucial differences between each solution. Lawmatics goes well beyond what Grow can do by providing customers with complete marketing automation and more intuitive features that both save time for the firm and elevate the client experience.
Legal Reporting Software


Lawmatics all-in-one solution for client intake, client management, marketing automation, and legal reporting software gives you all the essential tools needed to effectively run and scale your law firm. The innovative platform’s extensive set of features gives attorneys the ability to fully automate the day-to-day tasks that running a firm demands, allowing you to focus on your client matters and practicing law. It’s also simple to implement and use, so you don’t have to waste time learning complicated software.

Clio Grow

Clio Grow is one of three products that Clio offers with its higher-tier pricing packages. In contrast with Lawmatics, it lacks the critical automation tools lawyers require to eliminate the busy work standing in the way of client matters that drive revenue.



Clio Grow


More intuitive and customizable automation features

Automate all of the repetitive administrative in a way that works for your firm’s unique needs, including custom forms, document automation, SMS messaging, and more


Clio Grow:

Lacking key automation features for efficiency and growth

There are still many aspects of the client journey that still need to be handled manually with Clio Grow’s software, which takes up valuable time that could be spent on billable work.


Lawmatics integrates with Clio Manage more seamlessly than Grow with Manage

Automatically create a new matter within Grow upon a firm or client action for your choice. Bring over all custom fields, notes, and documents gathered during the intake process.


Clio Grow:

A more complicated integration process for less intuitive features

Clio Grow still requires legal software integration with Clio Manage, but you don’t gain as many essential and time-saving features as Lawmatics with Manage.


Don’t just generate checklists, automate task completion

Gain full control and freedom to customize legal workflow automations to meet your unique needs and goals.

Custom Automations

Clio Grow:

Doesn’t have custom automations

Clio Grow offers basic automation features for task completion that only generate more busy work.


An easy drag-and-drop editing tool for customizing forms

Create custom intake forms more easily using an intuitive, drag-and-drop editor. Create custom fields on the fly that are uniform across practice areas or case types. Use conditional logic, file requests, appointment scheduling, and more, right with your forms.

Custom Forms

Clio Grow:

Limited and difficult custom form builder

When we surveyed our former Clio Grow customers about why they made the switch to Lawmatics, a common reason was because of the overly complicated and inconvenient user interface of the custom form builder.


Easily automate the documentation process to shave hours off your work day

Instantly generate and draft documents that are customized to the specific client or matter with powerful legal document automation.

Document Automation

Clio Grow:

Complex interface that slows down the documentation process

Because of their unintuitive and complicated interface, Clio Grow’s document automation tools come with a timely learning curve.


Say goodbye to phone-tag and long email threads

Get the files you need to evaluate a client matter without the hassle of playing email tag with simple file requests for law firm clients.

File Requests

Clio Grow:

Doesn’t have file request feature

Clio Grow lacks this intuitive feature that most lawyers consider essential to improving efficiency.


Powerfully manage the entire client journey in one place

Fully customize your pipeline management system with stages and create multiple pipelines for different uses.

Pipeline Management

Clio Grow:

Doesn’t have pipeline management feature

Without this valuable tool, you forfeit the ability to customize each phase of the client journey and implement effective trigger-based campaigns.


Improve your client engagement

With SMS text messaging for law firms, you can allow leads and clients to contact you directly and instantly. By improving client engagement, you can create better client experiences.

2-Way SMS Messaging

Clio Grow:

Doesn’t have 2-Way SMS messaging

Without SMS as a built-in feature to Clio Grow, you miss out on a convenient and effective way to communicate with clients. You’ll be required to purchase and onboard yet another platform to implement this tool.


Turn old business into new business

Attract new and old clients without lifting a finger with custom law firm email marketing templates. Send reminders to clients automatically. Customize email workflows to the unique client journey as set up in your pipeline management.

Email Drip Campaigns & Dynamic Email Workflows

Clio Grow:

Doesn’t have email drip campaigns

Clio Grow offers limited email automation features. It doesn’t offer a way to set-and-forget email campaigns that attract new business in the background, while you focus on your current clients.


Become a data-driven law firm

Track the metrics you need to effectively run your firm and meet your goals with law firm reporting software built into your CRM.

Custom Reporting

Clio Grow:

Doesn’t have custom reporting

With Clio Grow, you’re limited in visibility into your reporting analytics. You can’t track the metrics that are important to your goals.


Don’t send the same blanket emails to all your contacts

Use audience segmentation to organize your leads and clients based on specific criteria to optimize your marketing efforts.

Audience Segmentation

Clio Grow:

Doesn’t have audience segmentation

Clio Grow is lacking this critical marketing feature. Without it, you’re unable to personalize your marketing messaging to optimize your efforts.


Manage and boost productivity to move towards your long-term growth goals

With Lawmatics unique legal goals tracking feature, you can set and track your law firm’s objectives and get insight into your progress.

Goal Tracking

Clio Grow:

Doesn’t have a goal tracking feature

Clio Grow only offers limited reporting features. This feature is unique to Lawmatics and has proven to be a powerful way to accelerate growth.

Final verdict


Do More with Lawmatics

Lawmatics provides law firms with more sophisticated automation capabilities for attracting new business, signing and managing clients, and tracking growth.

It’s not just about the features though…

Transparent Pricing
Lawmatics pricing plans are straightforward and transparent. We make it easy for law firms of every size to understand which pricing plan suits their needs. Among the 5 pricing packages that Clio offers, Clio Grow is only an add-on option and not a stand-alone product. Law firms in search of a user-friendly solution often find Clio’s packages overly-complex with tools that don’t work for their firm
Built for Firms of All Sizes
Lawmatics is designed to scale for law firms of all sizes - from solo practitioners to small, medium, and large size firms.The intuitive user interface and adaptable features are ideal for solo practitioners in need of a modern solution for automating the routine tasks that are essential to growth. Lawmatics is equally valuable to large firms looking to streamline operations for increased efficiency and productivity among firm staff.
Unrivaled Customer Support
Lawmatics puts its customers first and guarantees unrivaled customer support at no extra cost. The Lawmatics team is dedicated to helping users take their firm to the next level by streamlining client intake, marketing automation, reporting and client engagement with the industry-leading CRM built for the modern practice.

It’s easy to see why lawyers love Lawmatics.

Lawmatics is a very powerful tool. I've looked at competitors and I haven't found anything that competes with Lawmatics.
— Conti Moore Smith, Conti Moore Law
Bill Farias
Case Study

Migrating from Clio Grow to Lawmatics

How solo family law attorney, Bill Farias, is using Lawmatics to bring the vision of his firm to life
I had been moving toward a virtual practice for a long time, and the additional time [during the pandemic] has been a blessing in disguise. Lawmatics has accelerated my practice in ways I couldn’t have imagined! It has allowed me to focus on the high-level goal of planning and setting up my transition to the role of CEO for my firm. It’s incredibly exciting.
— Bill Farias, Esq. • Farias Family Law, P.C
I highly recommend and endorse Lawmatics. If you are looking for a software to manage the entire client journey step by step, it is the best one I’ve seen on the market. Their customer service and support are excellent. Take the time to learn the system and set it up because it’s well worth the effort.
— Bill Miller, Esq. • Miller Estate and Elder Law