December 2023 Feature Release

Published on December 20, 2023
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Written by Devon Roth

Santa made his list, checked it twice, and decided to bring everyone a batch of stellar new features courtesy of the Lawmaticians. Read on to learn all about the sleighload of goods coming your way – no coal, just digital cheer.

Collect e-signatures directly from your client’s phone

Lovers of SMS and automation rejoice! This feature merges the best of both worlds: effortlessly automate e-signature requests via SMS alone, no email address validation needed. When you trigger a signature request via an Automation with the Send as Text option, your client will receive their document as an SMS. This way you can be sure you’re getting documents signed, even if the client doesn’t have an email address.

Learn more about e-signature here.

Optimized conflict checks (yet again!)

After other recent updates to conflict checking – including multiple conditions and flexible search terms – we’re taking conflict checking up another notch. Users can now refine each individual search to results that are either an exact match of the search terms or simply contain the search terms. In addition, conflict checks that yield more than 50 results can be downloaded as a CSV file for easier review. Lawmatics is on a mission to make your conflict checks as efficient and simple as possible, and this latest update does just that!

Beef up your custom reports by adding trust balance fields

For our Time & Billing users: you can now easily view trust balance fields directly in your custom reports. Create the exact report you need to see with a variety of fields to choose from, such as Matter Total Trust Balance, Allocated Trust Balance, and Unallocated Trust Balance. As with all Lawmatics custom reports, they can be exported and/or automatically emailed to you on a set interval.

Maintain detailed trust account records with new Withdraw from Trust option

Another new feature for our Time & Billing system: your trust accounts now come with the ability to log withdrawals. Simply navigate to a particular trust account – either from a Matter or the Trust Accounts page – and click the Withdraw from Trust button. The activity will be logged and the trust balance updated. Now, your records are even more precise.

Not using LMPay yet? Email us at to get started.

Keep clients in the loop with trust fund payment receipts

On the heels of our recent update allowing customized invoice receipts, you can now do something similar with trust fund payments. When requesting trust funds via manual input or online payment, simply click the Send Receipt button to make sure your client receives a record of their transaction, creating a more convenient experience for both you and your client.

As always, we love your feedback and encourage you to reach out with any questions or suggestions. Thank you for being a valued member of our community. Together, we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible for law firms.

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Devon Roth

Devon is Product Manager at Lawmatics, a corgi fanatic, and a born and raised Seattleite turned SoCal lover. She works with all departments at Lawmatics to ensure that our customers have the best experience using a platform that never stops improving.
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