Deep Dive Recap: Mastering Family Law Workflows with Lawmatics

Published on March 29, 2024
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Written by Devon Roth

In the intricate domain of family law, where emotions run high and the stakes are personal, mastering your workflows is more than a strategy; it’s a commitment to excellence and empathy. Our latest Deep Dive Webinar peeled back the layers of family law workflows in Lawmatics, revealing a wealth of strategies for automation, personalization, and seamless client interaction.

This recap offers a distilled view of our comprehensive webinar, guiding you through the pivotal stages of automating client onboarding, executing conflict checks with precision, and nurturing client relationships with automated yet heartfelt communication. Watch as our product manager, Devon, explores the unique benefits for family law practices using Lawmatics, illustrating practical applications that can revolutionize your approach to client intake.

Webinar Timestamps

0:00 - Introduction and Overview

Lawmatics product manager, Devon Roth, welcomes participants and sets the stage for exploring family law workflows with Lawmatics, highlighting the webinar's goal to enhance process efficiency through automation and custom dashboards.

4:30 - Family Law Automations and Conflict Checking

Devon delves into family law automations, emphasizing their role in streamlining communication and conflict checking. She goes on to showcase how automations ensure accurate and timely management of leads and clients.

4:54 Pipeline and Initial Contact Form Automation

Devon details on automating the client journey from initial contact, focusing on moving new leads through the pipeline and initiating templated emails, alongside automated conflict checks based on lead information.

10: 16 Drip Campaigns and Client Engagement

A thorough explanation of drip campaigns in maintaining potential client engagement, with insights on automated communications to prompt consultation scheduling and the use of conditional logic for personalized email and SMS communications.

17:38 Consultation Scheduling, Confirmation, and Follow-up

Devon outlines the automation process for moving leads to the 'consult scheduled' stage and setting up appointment confirmations and reminders. Also addresses handling no-shows and cancellations to ensure rescheduling.

31:01 Post-Consultation Engagement and Retainer Agreement

The presentation wraps with post-consultation steps including sending retainer agreements via automation, utilizing e-signature documents, and the process of converting a potential new client to a hired status, emphasizing continued engagement and relationship formalization.

Devon Roth

Devon is Product Manager at Lawmatics, a corgi fanatic, and a born and raised Seattleite turned SoCal lover. She works with all departments at Lawmatics to ensure that our customers have the best experience using a platform that never stops improving.
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