Law Firm Marketing Strategies: Definitive Guide to Marketing Your Law Firm

Published on August 18, 2021
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Written by Sarah Bottorff

Competition in the legal industry remains fierce. Growing your firm has never been more challenging. To rise to the top, you need to focus on solid law firm marketing strategies to attract new clients, bring in business and solidify existing clientele relationships. Without ongoing marketing efforts, things can quickly grow stagnant or turn sour.

Traditional law firm marketing strategies have fallen by the wayside and now digital marketing reigns as king. However, a concrete law firm marketing strategy mixes proven methods to formulate a game plan that can encompass the following:


Digital marketing

Old-school billboard ads

Social media


Communication strategies

Blog writing

Website development


And more to structure a balanced approach

The entire process is not for the faint of heart and takes time, energy, and a generous budget.

The evolution of law firm marketing strategies automation technology

Marketing technology has evolved to impressive heights with full marketing automation for law firms. Lawmatics software lets law firms take charge of their marketing to launch it to impressive heights to increase conversion and receive an impressive return on investment (ROI) by bringing in new clients.

Constructing and launching a law firm marketing strategy might seem like an uphill battle at first, but with perseverance and the assistance of automation software your marketing goals can prove effective once you gain a firm understanding of key marketing terms, analysis stats, pick the best tools, and launch your comprehensive marketing layout.

CRM (legal client relationship management)for lawyers has become quite common and popular. A law firm CRM is used for lenient intake processes, helps turn new clients into retained clients, manages scheduling, follow ups, intake, and revenue tracking. In addition, it can prove indispensable with law firm marketing strategies by automating all the legwork. With a legal CRM system, a skilled digital marketing team, and well-devised strategy, your chances of success are great.

Whether you have a solo law firm or are a thriving, established practice, renewing your law firm marketing strategies might seem like a daunting task at first. However, with automation in law firms and a baseline of knowledge your chances of success increase substantially.

How do you market a law firm?

Marketing plans vary depending on the law firm and their individual vision for the development of their practice. A firm law firm marketing strategy takes the guesswork out of plan by offering structure and direction. It becomes a wide scale collaborative process that typically involves the use of several marketing teams working together on web content, social media, and advertising.

Every strategy laid forth should have trackable results so you can hone in on the most successful factors to spend your money and time on. The marketing plan will vary by law firm size, geographic location, firm’s area of expertise, and business development.

A newly opened law firm is still focused on building contacts, but an established firm might want to solidify their hold as a dominant area practice. Therefore, the marketing strategy for a large legal firm in New York City is going to appear dramatically different than a small personal injury firm in Portland, Oregon. Each one requires individual law firm marketing strategies.

One thing to remember when creating a legal marketing plan is that it does not need to be overly complicated. It must have structure and be based on concrete research to ensure success.

The approach of each law firm will differ based on the firm’s size, area of expertise and geographic location but the actual building blocks of the marketing plan will remain the same across the board.

  • Draft a detailed picture of the legal services offered by the law firm
  • Focus on targeting clients
  • Outline business development goals along with a projected period for success
  • Develop marketing strategies geared towards reaching the target market to achieve the firm’s particular goals.
  • Follow the marketing budget.

The steps of successful law firm marketing strategies

The first step to law firm marketing strategies is to sit down with the team and honestly answer the following questions:

  1. What types of clients does your firm serve every year?
  2. How many clients does your firm serve?
  3. Do you receive leads online, and if so, how many?
  4. What strengths and weaknesses does your law firm have?

Outline your law firm marketing strategies and weigh their performance over the last year. Categorize the marketing efforts by email, print advertising, digital tactics and more.

Building your law firm’s brand

Branding is your law firm's personality and identity using law firm marketing strategies. It has become a straightforward process. Nowadays, a lot of hype surrounds branding and businesses. Look around at the industry leaders and major eCommerce companies, each one stands out due to very tailored branding which has created a living and breathing identity.

The fundamentals of branding are more than expensive letterhead or premium business cards. Instead, they are the image that you present to your clients and the association they feel with your law firm when they do business with you. In a nutshell, branding makes your firm memorable.

Branding USP as part of law firm marketing strategies

What is your law firm’s unique selling proposition (USP)? Think about the particular benefits that your firm exhibits that makes it stand out from the competition. Your firm’s USP is your branding foundation.

Branding is an integral part of all law firm marketing strategies, so it does take some time to figure out the USP. You’ll want to brainstorm with your marketing team. Think about things outside the box to produce successful law firm marketing ideas to launch genuine branding.

Display your firm's skills with pride and formulate a message that will resonate with clients. You want your firm's landing page to convert someone searching for a firm into a steadfast and loyal client. The message should drive them to contact your firm for more assistance and information.

Remember, successful branding isn’t complicated. You want your message to be simple to understand and something that will linger in a client’s memories. Focus on the needs of your clients and draft your message.

Law firm marketing ideas run the gamut when it comes to creating messages and slogans. Study the most famous brands and firms to get an idea of what sets their slogans apart.

Let’s take a moment to look at successful branding messages/slogans. Many of the ones listed below are not geared towards law firm marketing strategies but are still useful examples.

  • Nike - Just Do It
  • Williams Parker, Sarasota, FL.-The Art of Law
  • Red Bull - Red Bull Gives You Wings
  • The Levoritz Law Group - A ‘Shark’ in the Courtroom
  • AT&T - Your World Delivered
  • De Beers - A Diamond is Forever
  • Novack and Macey, Chicago - Small but Mighty
  • Fisher Phillips - On the Front Lines of Workplace Law

Once you have picked your branding USP and slogan then it's time to launch your messaging across all your channels such as social media, website, offline literature, and professional networks.

Determining the marketing budget for law firm marketing strategies

All law firm marketing strategies have a marketing budget. You’ll want to figure out how much you want to invest in your marketing initiatives. You’ll want to stay within the budget’s limits. Once you have an idea of your finances, it’s time to explore your options such as automation software offered by Lawmatics. Automation software is like placing your law firm marketing strategies on autopilot. You can monitor the progress using visual analytics features.

Law firm marketing terms

If you aren’t a marketing pro, then you might not be familiar with the commonly used terms. Familiarizing yourself with the basic terms can prove beneficial in planning and executing your law firm marketing strategies.

There are a lot of marketing terms but below you’ll find a compact list that will get you started in understanding the key ones when laying out your law firm marketing strategies.

Marketing lead

A marketing lead refers to a potential client. The person is someone who not only visits your firm’s website but also takes the extra step in contacting your firm via phone, email, or chat to speak with one of your legal experts. Perhaps they filled out the ‘contact us’ form on your website requesting more information.

Marketing lead generation is particularly important because the person is opening the door to you, so you have a chance to communicate in a one-on-one fashion. Without a doubt, the marketing lead is the goal of all law firm marketing strategies. You have the fish on the line and now it is time to start reeling them on to the boat with your many laws firm marketing strategies

Conversion rate

The term ‘conversion rate’ refers to the number of people who visit your website. They are visitors that you can convert to a lead. You’ll be able to track your website’s conversion rate or simply focus on a single landing page to see the conversion rate success. CRM for attorneys helps you monitor conversion rate and also enables you to look at the intake process which is the rate at which you convert the leads into actual clients at your firm.

Landing page

A landing page is a page on your website that has been drafted to encourage visitors to act. It should gently push them to click on a button for more information, start a chat, or (if an ecommerce site) make a purchase. Many landing pages let visitors book a consultation online or even make a phone call. Landing pages are informative, actionable, and a significant tool in any marketing campaign and list of law firm marketing strategies.

Call-to-Action (CTA)

A call-to-action (CTA) refers to the push you make to ask a visitor to your website to take an actionable step and contact your firm either via email, chat, or phone. Most websites will have a button on the landing page that leads to a ‘contact us’ form that they can use to reach out to you and make a push for more information. A paid ad will also boast a CTA button that will link back to your website. With digital marketing and social media, you can use a CTA to encourage dialogue, inspire that your followers share your post or information, or request that they reach out to your firm with a direct message (DM).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of the hottest and most important terms in digital marketing is search engine optimization (SEO). It is the practice of optimizing a landing page or website so that it gains a top spot (preferably first place) on any search engine results query. SEO depends on the placement of keywords and relevant keyword phrases to grab the attention of the search engines.

The keywords, also called keyphrases, are words and phrases that you incorporate into the topics on each one of your landing pages within your website. Think about the words and phrases a potential client might type into a search engine to find a law firm. They might look for a personal injury attorney or seek a family law firm in a specific geographic location. Based on the search query, the search engine finds matching keywords and phrases to make the query and then displays the pinpointed websites.

Keywords and semantically similar variations are placed throughout your website to signal the search engines that your page matches and is relevant to the search query. Proper use of keywords entails placing the words at key places on your webpage. You can use SEO tools to ensure proper SEO use and success with all your law firm marketing strategies

Pay-per-click (PPC)

An online paid advertising model, pay-per-click (PPC) lets advertisers set a particular monetary amount they want to pay every time a visitor clicks on one of their advertisements. PPC is a great tool in the arsenal of law firm marketing strategies to try.

Return on investment (ROI)

The return on investment (ROI) is a useful performance metric that businesses use when marketing. If you want to grow your law firm and ensure it becomes profitable then you’ll want to familiarize yourself with your ROI so you can make sure you are getting good return on the marketing investments, you have made when launching your law firm marketing strategies

Easy steps for marketing your law firm

Let’s explore the easy law firm marketing strategies that will set you up for success. We have covered the importance of budget and familiarizing yourself with the various marketing terms, now it's time to take the leap and start a real marketing push.

1. Construct a law firm website

In the digital era, constructing a website is a common occurrence for most businesses. However, building a well-designed law firm website that will enable you to successfully market your firm takes time and skill. Remember, the site is a potential client’s first impression of your firm. When laying out your law firm marketing strategies, you’ll want to pay particular attention to every aspect of the design.

  • Design the site using quality photographs.
  • Clearly state the services you provide.
  • Outline your practice areas.
  • Highlight any awards and recognitions.
  • List your experience.
  • Feature an easy to find CTA with complete content information.

When designing a law firm website, you do not want to miss any of the key components needed to create a high quality and high converting website. Ideally, you should hire an expert to build and maintain your site. Hiring a skilled designer should be allotted in your marketing budget and should not be something you skimp on. In fact, it is one of the most important cornerstones of every one of your law firm marketing strategies.

2. SEO optimized website

Not only should the website be pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate but it should also be SEO optimized for success. Remember, even a website that is visually outstanding is useless if it receives no traffic. The key to traffic is SEO for lawyers. Your website must gain first page recognition by the search engines to pull in traffic or all your law firm marketing strategies will be worthless.

When would-be clients search for a local law firm, they will rarely go to the second page of the search results before they start making phone calls or sending out online queries. You must make sure you are on that first page to pull in the traffic and increase conversions.

Your website must contain useful information that people look for when performing a search. The site should contain not only keywords such as ‘lawyer’ but also long tail keywords like ‘lawyers in San Diego, California.’ Long tail keywords give you an edge to compete locally and against all your competitors.

When attracting potential clients, you’ll need to set up a Google Business listing that offers a concise description of your services along with your firm’s contact information. Google is always a key component of your law firm marketing strategies.

3. Set up free online profiles

Just because something is free does not mean it holds little or no value. Your website is a crucial way that clients will find your law firm online but there are other ways people will also locate your firm’s information which will bolster your law firm marketing strategies.

Review sites are hot right now.

  • Yelp: Most people have a Yelp profile and extensively use it to read reviews so don’t miss the opportunity of using the crucial site to your advantage.
  • State Bar: You’ll also want to make sure your firm comes up in the local state bar listing.
  • Avvo: Avvo is another area where it's beneficial for your firm to show up.
  • Justia: Justia
  • Yellow Pages:

Discuss potential online sources when planning your law firm marketing strategies.

4. The power of social media

Social media is king in the digital era. It packs a lot of power and influence. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are just a few of the powerhouses that you won’t want to overlook. Without a doubt, social media advertising can have a dramatic impact on your branding potential and your firm’s success. Best of all, it takes only a minimal investment and amount of time to make full use of social media to your advantage.

Law firm marketing strategies must focus on creating a law firm LinkedIn page, Facebook profile and Facebook advertising campaign to create a position of authority and attract new clients. Your social media presence should make you stand out against your competition and peers. It is imperative that you set aside time and a budget for social media when devising your law firm marketing strategies.

5. Create a blog

On your law firm’s website, you should also have a blog that you keep fresh and updated. The blog is a form of content marketing that helps build both your brand and authority. It is an essential part of your law firm marketing strategies.

The content that you publish showcases your firm’s expertise, provides valuable answers to ordinary questions that most clients have, forms trust, and is also excellent for SEO to drive traffic to your website. Plus, you can use the blogs in your social media digital marketing campaign by sharing them with your followers. Law firm marketing strategies work well when combined with blog posts, articles, and other SEO content.

Every time you share a blog post, encourage your followers to also pass on the information with their followers or to comment. It’s a terrific way to build an even greater following.

You’ll want to fill your blog with legal-related evergreen content that is useful to the reader. In addition, the Google algorithm looks for SEO proficient blog content that is authoritative so the content will help push your website even higher in web search results.

SEO is important but providing knowledgeable content is even more crucial. Keyword stuffing should always be avoided, or it can actually do more harm than good.

The content you post on your website must let the readers know you are an authority. It should inspire trust in your law firm.

6. The power of online reviews

Once you have created an online presence with complete profiles then clients will start to leave reviews of your firm. When going over your law firm marketing strategies, always take the time to read reviews and brainstorm about why you might have a negative one. There is always room for improvement. Reviews are critical.

In a 2019 Legal Trends Report, it was found that would-be legal clients carry out a great deal of research when hunting for a law firm and one of the integral places they start is with reviews. A few negative reviews might not hurt but if you have an ongoing string of complaints then clients might start to avoid your firm.

Successful law firm marketing strategies always factor in the importance of reviews. Ask for an online review with every case if your client has expressed satisfaction with your firm’s performance. If you receive a negative review, do not ignore it. Try to respond to the client’s feedback in a positive way.

7. Take the time to network and develop your firm’s business

Attending local bar and networking events is a terrific opportunity to engage in conversations and build your brand. You can also generate referral leads. Fellow attorneys who refer to your firm are a wonderful way to develop your business and experience revenue growth. You might even want to meet with them to discuss law firm marketing strategies and examine their success.

You’ll want to construct a referral relationship with other area law firms. At such events, spend the time to shake hands and mingle with your fellow lawyers. You should also attend community events to meet with potential clients.

Even though it seems like digital marketing dominates, old-school networking that involves meeting with others face to face remains effective and successful in all aspects of law firm marketing strategies. Pass out business cards, give away pens, and offer ample smiles to make an impression.

8. Traditional marketing potential

The best law firm marketing strategies still use some traditional marketing tactics. Billboard ads can appeal to would-be clients, especially in metropolitan areas where they gain high exposure. Radio and television advertisements cannot be overlooked either.

Despite the use of traditional marketing techniques, most would-be clients will also conduct an online search to truly evaluate your firm, so having a powerful online presence and a professional website are crucial.

9. Measuring ROI in law firm marketing strategies

To succeed, law firm marketing strategies must continue to measure their effectiveness with their return on investment. If you do not monitor the RO, then you’ll have no idea if your marketing is a success or failure.

You’ll want to focus on law firm marketing strategies and tactics that are successful and discard or refine ones that are not performing well. If one marketing strategy is failing, then you might want to reinvest in a new method.

Law firm data analytics help you stay on top of your ROI so you can track your law firm’s digital marketing efforts and look at website tracking. You’ll want to discover how many people visit your website and how long they stayed before navigating away.

Common marketing problems law firms face

A hundred years ago, all an attorney had to do was hang a name plaque on their business door and wait for clients to walk in. However, times have changed. Nowadays, the key to a successful firm is effective marketing methods to form a visible practice. Using law firm marketing strategies paves the way to success.

Any active law firm should focus on a mixture of networking, referrals, and marketing. To short-change any of these cornerstones might lead to problems that will cost you clients, time, and money. It is imperative that you sit down with your legal team to go over law firm marketing strategies that work.

Shortchanging time allotment

Law firm marketing strategies require time for success. Ideally, you should set aside at least two hundred hours every year for marketing which works out to around four hours every week. Honestly, that’s not a substantial amount of time considering the benefits you will reap.

Try to plan when your group meets to go over the law firm marketing strategies. Every week so you can dedicate the minimum amount of time to marketing. If you start shortchanging your marketing hours, then the entire campaign might crumble. Even the best devised law firm marketing strategies fail if there is not adequate time set aside.

Failing to reach your target audience

If you do not accurately reach your target audience then your advertising and marketing efforts become a colossal waste of time. It is imperative that you carefully analyze your target audience so you can hone your marketing efforts to ensure effectiveness. Every satisfied client will also become a strong advocate and referral for future clients. Make sure to take note of customer satisfaction when going over your law firm marketing strategies.

Lack of analysis or law firm marketing strategies

With successful law firm marketing strategies, a great deal of analysis takes place to measure both success and failure of the campaign. You need a baseline to see which specific actions are showing results. If some efforts are lagging with results, you still do not want to scrap them. Accurate analysis gives you a window into the future potential of your efforts, so you know if your law firm marketing strategies work.

Metrics to regularly analysis while meeting to discuss your law firm marketing strategies include:

  • Analytics that show the click through rate on your website.
  • Placement of your articles/blog posts.
  • Review monitoring to determine client satisfaction.
  • Open rate on your emails.
  • Business and seminar success.

Failing to meet content quality standards

Yes, there is a push to regularly publish content/blog posts on your website but quality counts. Keyword stuffing and content that offers no real value can all negatively impact your website, readers, and Google ranking. It is imperative that you provide insightful, useful, and well-written content that remains evergreen in most situations. Law firm marketing strategies must be fresh but also stay current month after month.

Poor website design

Website design is one of the most important aspects of a successful law firm marketing campaign. The online venue is a valuable public relations tool that promotes your firms and reputation’s skills. If it contains errors or is lackluster then would-be clients might think that your firm lacks the skill and knowledge needed to handle their legal issues.

Your website remains your law firm’s marketing image and a powerful platform. The site gives you the chance to firmly place yourself as an expert in your field and launch your law firm marketing strategies to even greater heights.

A clever design is crucial. It should be easy to navigate and match your firm’s brand. Law firms with exceptional web designs tend to have an uncomplicated design that is engaging, readable, and informative.

On your website, visitors should easily find what they are seeking without ever having to leave the home page. Tabs should clearly show where on the site the visitor can navigate to find specific information. When planning your law firm marketing strategies always think about ease of use.

There should always be a clear call to action (contact us) section. Visitors should never have to hunt for how to reach out to your law firm or they might grow frustrated and leave the page. Part of successful law firm marketing strategies is putting yourself in the place of your client to determine how easy or difficult something might prove.

Failure to create a clear marketing message

A common marketing problem that plagues even the best laid-out law firm marketing strategies remains the failure to create a concise or good marketing message. A lukewarm message will set the entire campaign up for failure.

It is imperative to have a firm foundation to build upon and the message remains the most critical. Clients are not drawn to half-hearted attempts and will automatically think that your lack of enthusiasm is a sign of how you oversee your cases and clients.

Unsuccessful business development

If you are not a marketing professional, then you might think that marketing is simple advertising. You just need to get the word out about your practice. Such misconceptions lead to law firm marketing strategies with big problems.

Business development plays an integral role in marketing. Build your reputation and display your references with clients who trust your firm. Clients who give you glowing reviews will send future business your way and your law firm marketing strategies will shine.

Stay intune to current issues within your law firm's field of practice when going over your law firm marketing strategies. Avoid falling behind on breaking news. Always discuss current events when going over your law firm marketing strategies to brainstorm ideas.

A business development plan is part of your law firm marketing strategies. It allows you to measure things by keeping track of every part of your business that you hope to grow. You can determine how many times you have reached out to a client, collaborated with them, sent them emails, newsletters, or other notifications. Marketing automation for law firms can prove indispensable with such tasks by effortlessly letting you track everything, so you never miss a beat.

Improperly using social media

Having only a website is not enough. Successful law firm marketing strategies require a strong social media presence. Prospective clients will not only want to view your website but also look for your firm on social media. It is imperative that all businesses have a Facebook page, Twitter account, LinkedIn, and Instagram account. Even a YouTube channel can prove beneficial.

Social media has dramatically changed the marketing landscape. It gives you a platform where followers can hear your ‘voice’ and you can build lasting relationships. Social media has become a crucial component of branding and any firm that overlooks its importance will face future marketing challenges. Law firm marketing strategies must encompass social media or miss a gold mine.

Give your firm a voice and personality by having conversations with potential clients and using the free platform to reach further than ever previously imagined. Law firm marketing strategies are always about imagination and putting your firm out there by developing social media branding.

Overlooking mobile technology in law firm marketing strategies

Nowadays, everyone has a phone in their hand. Most people use their mobile device more frequently than their computer. It has become essential that every part of a business’ online presence offers mobile compatibility. Mobile searches far exceed those carried out on a computer, especially when someone is looking for a local business to contact.

A study carried out by the U.S. Consumer Legal Needs Survey 2014 by FindLaw found that 38 percent of people use the internet to find an attorney and an additional 74 percent will go on to contact the office using their mobile phone after finding the law firm online.

Law firm marketing strategies often overlook mobile technology which is a mistake you want to avoid.

Taking on too much

Law firm marketing strategies are time consuming, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed, especially if you are a solo firm trying to handle everything yourself. If you take on too much, then you can quickly become forgetful and lose sight of what is working and what is not. You always want to stay focused with your law firm marketing strategies.

You’ll want to investigate your advertising options such as pay-per-click plans, stay up to date with social media, keep your website fresh, launch email campaigns and create a newsletter. In addition, you will need to monitor all analytics to see if your marketing ambitions are paying off. Investing in law firm reporting software will definitely help and be a wise investment to save you time and prevent you from taking on too much. When planning your law firm marketing strategies, look at how automation will save your time which equals money.

What is marketing automation for law firms?

Law firm marketing strategies are complicated and time consuming, but marketing automation lets you effortlessly stay ahead of the competition. The latest technology law firm CRM tackles a variety of marketing tasks such as email, social media, and lead generation with ease.

Automation software streamlines the entire client communication process so your firm can experience rapid growth by delivering the right messages at the proper time to the correct leads. In addition, the automation platforms provide you with indispensable data tools that provide you with valuable insight into potential client’s news and behaviors.

You can take the insights gained with marketing automation to formulate actionable steps that allow you to take real control of your law firm marketing strategies every step of the way.

Initial outreach remains an important stage of formulating a client relationship. Leads render first impressions so your first contact with a potential client should provide personalization and relevance. With automation, you won’t miss a beat when it comes to communication. You can work it into all your law firm marketing strategies.

The benefits of marketing automation for law firms

Let’s examine how law firm marketing strategies and automation work together like a well-oiled machine.

Data collection in law firm marketing strategies

Law firm marketing strategies and automation tools collect and record data about your users’ behavior. Using the information, you can manage your contact lists, plan different actions, and follow up needed with active prospects. You don’t have to worry about wasting time or resources chasing a lead that might prove futile. Pair this automation reward with a client intake strategy for even greater success when carrying out your law firm marketing strategies.

Customize your alerts

CRM for lawyers lets you customize automated alerts, so you never forget to follow up with a lead after you make an initial contact such as sending the first email. Set an automated reminder to reach out to a contact after a specific number of days. All law firm marketing strategies keep track of contacts via alerts.

Enhance social media

Automation tools let you enhance certain actions on social media platforms, so you don’t have to carry out the tedious tasks. When publishing a recent blog post on your website, use automation to schedule a corresponding social media post to go live at a designated time. The automation tools further analyze the post’s performance to determine its success and see where your law firm marketing strategies are taking you.

Paid advertising as a part of law firm marketing strategies

Law firm automation tools let you adjust real time bids for pay-per-click (PPC) marketing using facts. Also, the system provides keywords and dynamic ad advice so you can personalize your message and improve your scores and click through rates to make your law firm marketing strategies affordable and attainable.

Enhanced communication

Many people think that automation means creating mass produced communications such as emails with every little personalization. However, automation tools provide customization options using innovative artificial intelligence. They help with law firm marketing strategies and pave the way for innovative ideas.

Quickly segment your clients into categories based on their user behavior and geographic location. You can then create customized messages based on the user’s social media clicks, downloads, and email opens. Personalize messages based on the user’s geographic location (a valuable tool if you have law firms in multiple areas). Location pinpointing is crucial for law firm marketing strategies.

Marketing automation for law firms lets you segment your leads, personalize your communications, and truly reach each client or potential client to provide the information they seek. Law firm marketing strategies have never been more achievable.

Saves your law firm time

Legal professionals are always busy and under constant pressure. The last thing they want to do is focus on law firm marketing strategies that prove time consuming and exhausting. With automation in law firms, certain tasks become less difficult.

You can set up automation actions for the following:

  • Emails: Send emails with links requesting case evaluations and reviews. You can also create email campaigns for all your law firm marketing strategies.
  • Social media: Keep your social media fresh.
  • Newsletters: Launch newsletters on-time every week or month to a tailored email list.
  • FAQs: Let automation answer FAQs for clients and for your law firm marketing strategies.
  • Updates: Reach out for updates from clients.
  • Surveys: Launch surveys to see the firm’s performance with important case milestones.

The above list are just a few perks of marketing automation for law firms. Clearly you will save countless hours while improving your bottom line using the software. Not to mention, free up valuable time. The best law firm marketing strategies always save time when coupled with automation.

Tips for using marketing automation for law firms

Marketing automation for law firms helps put you in the lead and keep you there. Use it to cultivate and reach out to prospects, gain clients, educate, increase engagement, garner greater returns, keep your clientele, and create brand awareness. Law firm marketing strategies can rely heavily on automation to achieve their goals.

Here are tips on how you can use marketing automation along with law firm marketing strategies to modernize your firm and wow your clients.

  • With automation, you can track every interaction that a potential client has with your website and then analyze the data so you can truly devise an effective marketing campaign. Automation quickly becomes the backbone of your law firm marketing strategies.
  • Utilize the performance indicators to discover your return on investment (ROI), conversion rate, and cost per lead. The software lets you track what visitors do on your website, evaluate advertising campaigns, oversee social media, and use public relations outreach services as a part of your law firm marketing strategies.
  • All the data compiled becomes valuable to learn how to get people's attention and encourage them to contact your firm when they require legal services. You can fine tune additional law firm marketing strategies, so you never miss a beat.
  • Using marketing automation lets you know exactly where your money is going and lets you determine if you want to spend additional funds on advertising. If you do decide to expand your budget then you can pinpoint the best use of your funds such as beefing up your website’s content, launching an email campaign, sending out newsletters, or escalating your digital marketing reach with your law firm marketing strategies.
  • Setup dynamic email workflows for all your law firm marketing strategies

Choosing the right marketing automation software for law firms

The goal of any law firm marketing plan is to grow your practice and extend your reach. A legal CRM system gives you the power you need when you need it. Anyone with basic computer skills can operate the software so it does the leg work needed for your marketing efforts and you can focus on the needs of your clients. Scale your business and push client engagement with ease.

With Lawmatics software, you can even use workflow automation for law firms which tackles simple but time-consuming tasks. Use step-by-step templates, create visual pathways, send out follow-up messages and more with legal client intake software. You will connect with clients every step of their journey when carrying out your law firm marketing strategies.

With legal CRM, you can effectively increase sales and expand your firm without manually having to tackle each task. Systemize client intake so your firm saves money on operating costs. Law firm marketing ideas polished by full automation can truly take your firm to the next level and beyond.

If you are ready to embrace state-of-the-art automation software for law firms then check out Lawmatics when outlining your law firm marketing strategies.

Lawmatics offers law firm CRM for attorneys who want to take their firms to the next level by entering the modern era. The software solutions are easy to use and powerful. The automation system takes care of everything from the initial first contact all the way through becoming an established client to ensure your law firm marketing strategies succeed.

Contact us to learn more about our legal automation software. Lawmatics CRM lets you make all your law firm marketing strategies a reality.

Sarah Bottorff

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