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Published on December 28, 2023
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Written by Patrick Grieve

2023 has been a huge year here at Lawmatics! We continued to break ground on legal innovation, added even more features to the most robust made-for-legal CRM on the market, and teamed up with some of our friends across the legal world to make managing your business easier.

If you haven’t been following us all year, or if you just need a refresher on all that we’ve been up to, here’s our recap of 2023.

We launched game-changing features

This year we unveiled some major milestones in making our platform even easier to use. Some of our biggest developments include:


Revamped user experience

Simple yet revolutionary, our updated UX includes the ability to create assets and objects from the screen where you want to use them. No more clicking through different menus just to find your way back again. Make your vision come to life with just one click.


A helping hand to create stronger emails

Our award-winning artificial intelligence email-drafting assistant eliminates the blank page problem. LM[AI] takes you straight from brainstorming to editing, helping you get through your marketing content and correspondence even faster.


Simplified client communication

The new Lawmatics Message Center consolidates much of your correspondence with clients. View, filter, sort, and send SMS and Client Portal messages all from one organized hub.

This just scratches the surface of all we’ve added to the CRM this year. We overhauled Tasks, introduced a whole new way to manage your events and appointments, optimized conflict checking, and more. Want a full debrief on our releases this year? Check out our recent Deep Dive webinar where we recap the highlights.


Started new partnerships

We connected with so many inspiring people from both the legal and tech worlds this year. With so many brilliant minds in our community, we love putting our heads together to improve the business of law and increase access to justice. From engineering integrations to promoting social good, here are some highlights.


Build more robust integrations with Zapier

Simplify data management by syncing Companies, as well as Contacts and Matters, to apps through Zapier. Even if we don’t have a direct integration with a platform of your choice, we still do everything we can to keep your data consistent and your process uniform.

You can check out our full inventory of integrations here.


A visit from The Innocence Center

Every now and then we bring partners into our San Diego office to help us discover more of the world around us. One of our favorite visits this year was from our friends at The Innocence Center, whose mission is to free innocent people from prison, educate the public about the causes of wrongful incarceration, and assist the exonerated with reintegration into society. You can learn more about their important work here.


ABA Member Discount Program

In 2023 members of the American Bar Association became eligible for a lifetime discount of Lawmatics. If you haven’t signed up for Lawmatics already, you can learn more here.


Made headlines

We felt the love in 2023 – from our customers, partners, and beyond. Here are just a few of our favorite items from the front pages this year.

Lawmatics Wins a Sammy—2023 Sales and Marketing Innovation Technology of the Year

The #1 legal CRM was named Product of the Year by Business Intelligence Group at the 2023 Sales and Marketing Technology Awards.

LM[AI] wins LegalTech Breakthrough Award for AI Innovation of the Year

Adding AI to our platform wasn’t about having shiny bells and whistles just because they’re shiny. It was about providing a relevant, intuitive, and ethical tool to make the business of law simpler – which is why it won a LegalTech Breakthrough Award.

Lawmatics Customer Success Team Wins Bronze Stevie Award

Congrats to our tireless customer support and onboarding Lawmaticians for this recognition of their hard work and dedication to excellence!


Watched you thrive

Your success is our success. Our mission is to create a platform that empowers you to break free of busywork and focus on what matters most – your clients.

We crunched the numbers to see just how much of the dredge work we’ve eliminated for you this year. As a collective, Lawmatics users achieved:

Automation targets
Matters created
Files uploaded
Appointments created
Clients converted
Clients converted


And popped up in some cool places

We travel throughout the U.S. each year to share our love for automation and the new tech age (and get our fill of karaoke!). Here are some of our favorite adventures from the year:


ClioCon 2023




Beach cleanup


Susan G. Koeman MORE THAN PINK Walk


And in the end…

To close out our whirlwind 2023, we just wanted to say…thanks. Thank you for the work you do, for choosing to support Lawmatics, and for believing in a brighter, smarter future for the practice of law.

If you haven’t tried Lawmatics yet, book a demo today. Do yourself a favor and discover how we can help you streamline operations, impress clients, and win more business. Let’s start 2024 on a strong note.

Patrick Grieve

Patrick is the Content Marketing Specialist at Lawmatics. When he’s not writing (or reading) voraciously, you can probably find him in the stands of the nearest baseball or soccer game.
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