Webinar Recap: How to Determine Your Most Profitable Marketing Channels

Published on April 4, 2023
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You’re likely investing in multiple marketing activities without knowing which ones are truly bringing in the most revenue – or which are bleeding you dry. It's time to move beyond simply counting leads. Start understanding the impact of your marketing channels on your practice's bottom line.

In this webinar Lawmatics Director of Strategic Partnerships Blake Roberts welcomed Chris Nelson and Shaun Bruno from CallRail. Chris is the Senior Manager of Vertical Marketing at CallRail, and Shaun is the Manager of Demand Generation. 

Time stamps of key takeaways

0:00 — Introductions

Learn a little bit about Blake, Chris, and Shaun. Then get a high-level overview of why marketing performance metrics are so important.

9:57 — Marketing channel overview

Marketing channels can be categorized in different buckets. Online, or digital marketing, channels, include search engines, social media accounts, digital ads – and more. Offline channels include anything physically interactive: broadcast media, print, billboards, word-of-mouth referrals. The first step to understanding your most profitable channels is understanding the online or offline environments that generate clients.

16:06 — Top channels in 2023

Shaun and Chris break down the results of CallRail’s 2023 poll of the most effective channels, by both brand awareness and lead generation potential.

22:15 — Right fits for your firm

Where do you want to go with your practice? Who is your ideal client? What are your competitors doing? Shaun and Chis run through these essential questions and how to identify the best marketing channels for your law firm’s goals.

31:58 — Your law firm’s website

While your firm’s website is a digital marketing channel in and of itself, it’s also a booster for other marketing channels. Here, Shaun explains exactly what that means.

39:21 — Measuring channel effectiveness

So you know what marketing channels exist, you know what channels align with your goals – but how do you measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts? Only 42% of firm’s CallRail surveyed base their marketing spend on attribution metrics provided by reporting tools. That means the majority of law firm’s aren’t creating a data-informed marketing strategy. In this section Shaun and Chris discuss the importance of measuring channel effectiveness and how reporting tools can help your firm.

1:00:59 — Q&A

If you had a question come up during this webinar, someone else likely had the same thought. Stick around to see if anyone asked your question during the Q&A portion.

Webinar slide deck

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