Webinar Recap: Law Firm Recruiting and Team Growth Strategies

Published on May 23, 2023
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It has become increasingly difficult to find and keep top-level legal talent in a post-pandemic market. Firms of all sizes are having to rethink their entire recruitment and staff retention plans.

In this webinar Lawmatics Director of Strategic Partnerships Blake Roberts welcomed Julia Taylor, CEO and Co-Founder of Hirics, a recruiting, staffing, and workforce solutions company. She’s also the Founder of LevLegal, LLC, a virtual paralegal and law firm consulting firm. They teamed up to cover the most effective strategies for law firm recruiting and team growth in today’s competitive landscape.

Time stamps of key takeaways

0:00 — Introductions

Learn a little bit about Blake and Julia. Then, get a high-level overview of the state of law firm staff recruitment and retention.

7:01 — How to find top talent on your own

Here, Julia outlines the groundwork you have to lay before you’re ready to recruit candidates. This includes honing your job description, preparing to talk about your company culture, and exploring recruitment channels that could readily yield candidates. She also takes a look at some common tech tools for finding talent, like Wizehire and social media.  

12:07 — Best tools to retain talent

In a high-turnover industry, law firms have to pull out all the stops to keep top talent. Julia reviews all the retention levers available to firms, from staff culture to technology and achievement recognition.

17:45 — A holistic mindset

Recruitment and retention isn’t just about compensation. Along with financial wellness, employees consider factors like social, emotional, and physical health. Julia prepares you to think outside the box as you prepare your plan to entice future talent.

23:45 — Making a game plan

What recruitment work can you handle on your own? What aspects of it can you outsource? Julia walks through the resources available to distribute the workload in a recruitment search.

34:50 — Q&A

If you had a question come up during this webinar, someone else likely had the same thought. Stick around to see if anyone asked your question during the Q&A portion.

Webinar slide deck

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