How Lawmatics helped Conti Moore Law, PLLC save time and cut costs while driving 2x growth

Conti Moore Smith
Conti Moore Law, PLLC
Conti Moore Smith
Practice area: Family Law
Location: Orlando, Florida
Founded: 2012
Lawmatics user since: 2020
Firm size: Small
Favorite feature: Automations
Key Result #1
On average, Conti Moore Law, PLLC cut time on administrative tasks by 10 hours per week
Key Result #2
Automations have helped Conti’s team efficiently manage 2x growth over the past year
Key Result #3
Conti is realizing significant savings in labor costs now that her team can focus on more profit-generating tasks

The challenge

After spending some time at a large-scale law firm, Conti Moore Smith took the skills she learned to follow through on her dream of setting up her own law firm. Since 2012, Conti has leveraged her business and computer science background to grow her law firm specializing in family law.

“Law school doesn’t teach you how to automate your business or how to be efficient. So you have to take the time to figure out how to make your law firm a profitable business.”

Conti recognized that manual processes were standing in the way of her firm’s growth.

With ten employees, Conti knows that it’s a team effort to build a successful law firm, and you’re only as strong as your weakest link. Conti identified the manual onboarding process — not her hardworking staff — as the weak link in her business. Before using Lawmatics, onboarding was tedious, and her team was unable to follow up with every inquiry made to the firm in a timely manner.

The team started increasing onboarding efficiency with a calendar tool to cut down on phone tag and more easily schedule meetings with clients. After that initial success, Conti was ready to find a technology solution that could automate more of the onboarding experience so her team could focus their attention on the client matters driving revenue.

The solution

“Lawmatics is a very powerful tool. I’ve looked at competitors and haven’t found anything that competes with Lawmatics—it’s truly a game changer.”

Automations have radically increased the efficiency of Conti’s team.

Lawmatics helps Conti and her team guide their clients through the onboarding process much faster than previously. More importantly, they don’t have to sacrifice quality interaction with their automated processes. They can still incorporate personalized experiences at each step, so their clients always feel like they are being taken care of by the team.

"Lawmatics’ Automations feature is great because it saves us so much time and energy while also allowing us to add a personal touch to the onboarding experience. With Automations, we are able to assign tasks like phone calls and text messages, so we easily stay connected with our clients."

Conti’s firm can efficiently handle more business without increasing overhead.

Lawmatics fills in the firm’s operations gaps with custom automated workflows, helping Conti’s clients feel that the team is always on top of things. For example, Conti appreciates being able to keep case notes in Lawmatics and send out a fee agreement and invoice automatically.

Prior to Lawmatics, the onboarding process was entirely manual. From responding to the initial inquiry, gathering information to evaluate the matter, scheduling appointments, requesting files, and getting agreements signed, the staff wasted countless hours making to-do lists and double-checking that every task was completed. With Lawmatics, the tedious onboarding tasks are streamlined in a personalized, automated workflow. Reminders are also sent to the client each step of the way to eliminate phone and email tag, saving even more time.

With all of these client intake processes taken care of by Lawmatics, Conti can redirect her team’s efforts on more important tasks like legal strategy and analysis.

"There’s no lag time with our client intake and onboarding. Even if someone is out of the office, we can still go in and initiate an activity in Lawmatics with the click of a button. This allows everything to seamlessly operate as it should no matter what’s going on at the office."

The results

Conti can direct her staff to focus on client matters for her law firm rather than manually performing tedious administrative tasks.

The firm has doubled the amount of business it is handling in the last year. With Lawmatics, they are well equipped to efficiently manage the increase in work.

"Whether you’re a one-person law firm or have hundreds of lawyers at your firm, you need Lawmatics to automate your onboarding tasks so that you can be more profitable."

Looking ahead, Conti is excited to continue growing her law firm with the support of Lawmatics. Her advice to other law firms is to fail fast so you can quickly move on to things that are more profitable.

“Lawmatics saves you so much time that you're losing money by not automating with Lawmatics.”
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