DEMO Questions

5 questions to ask in your software demo

Choosing software for your firm is a big decision, and companies too often overcomplicate things by throwing the kitchen sink at you. To help you get the most out of your demo, we’ve drilled down the key questions to ask to help you determine if Lawmatics is the proper fit for your firm.

How does Lawmatics differ from other CRMs?

Lawmatics is a legal-specific CRM that is designed to let you automate the tedious administrative tasks that slow you down. While other CRMs claim they can automate, what they are more often doing is creating checklists for you to complete and adding to your workload. By contrast, Lawmatics is completing the task for you — e.g. sending out fully customized intake forms, scheduling consultations, drafting engagement letters with e-signatures, etc. All of this and more can be built into a streamlined, automated workflow saving you time and improving your bottom line. Ask us to show you how.

Does this work with my case management system?

We offer direct integrations with some of the major case management systems: Clio, Filevine, PracticePanther, Rocket Matter, and Smokeball. Even where there is not a direct integration, our clients have realized incredible efficiency gains by fully automating the intake and marketing processes at their firm that beforehand were done manually.

I already have too many systems. Can Lawmatics help me simplify all the technology I’m using?

Lawmatics is designed to allow you to simplify your technology, not complicate it. Instead of employing different, individual systems for your CRM, forms, calendaring, email marketing, reporting, etc., Lawmatics combines all these tools and more into one easy-to-use platform allowing you to decrease costs and headaches and increase productivity and client satisfaction.

How will this help me generate more business?

The platform was developed to give lawyers the ability to run their law firm as any CEO would run their business. At the outset, you can leverage automation to instantly engage with everyone that reaches out to the firm. No more leads slipping through the cracks because you are too busy to respond. Further, automated email marketing lets you build brand awareness and drive more traffic to your website. More traffic = more leads = more clients. You can also track all of your marketing campaigns automatically to determine what is working and is not so you can best allocate your marketing dollars. Marketing strategy backed by data = more leads = more clients.

I’m not a tech person. How will I implement it?

We like to think of ourselves as technology partners with your law firm. As opposed to other tech companies that sell you software and wish you good luck, Lawmatics’ implementation process ensures that you have help getting the platform up and running. Get back to practicing law while we help you get the automations in place to run your practice more efficiently. Support after implementation is free (and best in the business).
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