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LawPay integration overview

Send your LawPay invoices directly from Lawmatics, either manually or via automation. All payments will still be collected through LawPay, with Lawmatics acting as an intermediary for distributing invoices to clients as part of your workflow.

Here’s what you get with this Lawmatics integration:
  • Send LawPay invoices from Lawmatics, manually or via automation
  • Create custom invoice types
  • Trigger an automation when a particular invoice type is paid
  • View a history of all LawPay invoices sent from Lawmatics as well as their status

LawPay integrates with these Lawmatics features


Integration features

Send invoices

Upon connecting Lawmatics to LawPay, seamlessly send invoices via Lawmatics, no further setup required. Payment collection will continue to take place in LawPay.

Automate invoicing process

Invoices can be delivered via automation and they can be used to trigger an automation upon payment. Use custom invoice types to trigger different actions when different types of invoices are paid, such as a consultation fee vs. a retainer fee.

View invoice status

Easily access a list of all LawPay invoices sent via Lawmatics as well as key data such as the invoice status and what matter it pertains to.


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Lawmatics account permissions

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LawPay account permissions

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