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Easily transfer new leads to Lawmatics from LiveAdmins
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LiveAdmins Matter and Transcript Sync

LiveAdmins integration overview

Push lead and client information from LiveAdmins into Lawmatics as a new matter. Transcripts of the initial conversation via LiveAdmins are also added as notes to a matter in Lawmatics.

Here’s what you get with this Lawmatics integration:
  • Contacts newly created in LiveAdmins will automatically transfer to Lawmatics
  • View transcript of initial contact in a note on the matter

LiveAdmins integrates with these Lawmatics features

Matter sync
Matter activity tracking

Integration features

Contact transferring

LiveAdmins syncs seamlessly with Lawmatics to transfer over any new leads from your webchats. While LiveAdmins handles your intake, your pipeline stays up to date in Lawmatics.

Record keeping

A transcript of the conversation between your lead and the LiveAdmins service will automatically save as a note to the matter’s profile in Lawmatics. This offers you a record of communication with the lead.


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Lawmatics account permissions

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LiveAdmins account permissions

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