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Outlook integration overview

Sync your Outlook emails and attachments with Lawmatics with the option to send Lawmatics emails from your outbox. Furthermore, the integration includes calendar sync. Any appointments booked through Lawmatics will automatically sync onto the user’s Google calendar. Enabling two-way sync allows users to edit, reschedule, or delete Google calendar events, with these changes seamlessly reflected in Lawmatics. When utilizing automatic scheduling via booking links, Lawmatics considers Google calendar availability, ensuring a smooth appointment booking process.

Here’s what you get with this integration:
  • One Outlook account sync per Lawmatics user
  • Sync emails, attachments, and/or send from outbox
  • Sync calendar events from Lawmatics to Outlook
  • Appointment edits in Outlok to sync back to Lawmatics
  • Use Outlook calendar availability for booking links

Outlook integrates with these Lawmatics features

Booking Links and Requests
Contact and Matter activity tracking

Integration features

Email and attachment syncing

Lawmatics works with your Outlook inbox to sync and log emails and or attachments from any of your Lawmatics contacts. How it works: An email comes into your Outlook, if the sender is a contact in Lawmatics, the system will automatically log that email communication on the appropriate profile in Lawmatics. If a file is attached to the email, the attachment will be saved to the contact’s files when the attachment setting is turned on. Similarly, the sync works the other way as well, logging emails that you send out of your Outlook onto the appropriate contact.

Send from my outbox

While Lawmatics meets industry standards for email deliverability, enabling the send from outbox option increases deliverability even more so. When this setting is turned on, all emails sent out of Lawmatics from your user account will be sent directly from your Outlook account and will also appear in your regular Outbox.

Appointment sync

Appointments booked in Lawmatics will automatically and instantaneously sync onto the host’s Outlook calendar, with all attendees, location, and details included.

Availability check for booking links

When using Lawmatics booking links, allowing contacts to book their own appointment based on the host’s availability, the synced Outlook calendar account is checked to ensure that no double-booking can occur. Only free time slots on the Outlook calendar will be listed as available bookings.


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