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Welcome to the smartfirm era

Major breakthroughs in automation and AI are fundamentally transforming the business of law. Stagnant firms coasting on manual legacy processes risk being left behind by firms that stay on the cutting-edge of technology.
Matt Spiegel
To us, a smartfirm is a law firm that is incredibly efficient and utilizes technology to run every aspect of their firm that they possibly can so that they can have a laser focus on their client relationships and just practicing law.”
Matt Spiegel
CEO & Co-Founder of Lawmatics

Smartfirm technology

Technological integration

A smartfirm embraces modern technology in its day-to-day operations. An integrated tech stack supports smartfirm staff at every stage, from a CRM that handles intake and marketing to practice management software, document automation, electronic billing systems, virtual collaboration platforms, and other technologies that streamline workflows.
Tech integration
Client-centered approach

Client experience

Client-centered approach

A smartfirm’s integrated tech stack orbits the firm’s clients. It’s not tech for tech’s sake. It’s about elevating the legal client experience. These tools, like client portals, offer immediate and personalized communication and case information.

Smartfirm efficiencies

Efficient processes

Workflow automations, standardized procedures, and project management tools streamline operations while making sure nothing slips through the cracks. Smartfirms save hours on redundancies each week, allowing them to spend more time on the health of their staff and client relationships.
Efficient processes
Data-driven decisions

Strategic insights

Data-driven decisions

When it comes to marketing, if you don’t have data, you don’t actually have a strategy; you just have spam and a prayer. Smartfirms track and analyze data to create informed business strategies, identify areas for improvement, and better understand how they can serve their clients.

Cloud-based security

Cybersecurity and data privacy

Protecting client privacy is paramount. Smartfirms leverage cutting-edge technology to implement robust cybersecurity measures that keep sensitive information secure. It goes beyond simply complying with data privacy regulations. It’s about developing a culture of security, from staff training on best practices to implementing best-in-class technologies.
Cyber security
Continuous innovation


Continuous innovation

Smartfirms foster a mindset of continuous learning and development. Legal professionals in smartfirms want to be better lawyers so they can be better for their clients. They invest in professional development programs, encourage creativity, and embrace new tools and resources. Emerging technologies evoke the same curiosity as legal developments.

What is a smartfirm?

A smartfirm is a law firm that embraces cutting-edge technology to elevate the client experience, streamline operations, and create data-driven business strategies.

How can I tell if I work at a smartfirm?

To determine if you work at a smartfirm, evaluate your law firm’s efficiencies in the following areas:
  • Technological integration
  • Client-centered approach
  • Efficient processes
  • Data-driven decisions
  • Cybersecruity and data privacy
  • Continuous innovation

Are smartfirms better for clients?

Smartfirm technologies are implemented with the client at the center of their functions. An automated CRM like Lawmatics provides personalized communication at every stage of the client journey, offering instant follow-ups and access to a client portal for ongoing correspondence and coordination. Case or practice management softwares simplify organization and further streamline operations, allowing every member of a smartfirm’s team to dedicate their energies to serving clients.

Are smartfirms better for staff retention?

Seamless communication, tangible goalsetting, and a supportive work environment are critical components of staff retention. The technologies that power smartfirms are catalysts of all three of these components. From detailed reporting insights that inform professional development strategies to instantaneous cloud-based communication, smartfirms create a better legal experience for staff and associates as well as clients.

Are smartfirms better for staff health?

Supporting your staff with best-in-class tools is one of the most effective ways to preemptively address employee burnout. Eliminating duplicate work and automating monotonous tasks saves valuable time with each and every matter handled. A growth mindset oriented toward continuous innovation creates a positive and productive work environment.

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