Deep Dive Recap: How to Eliminate Manual Work with Lawmatics

Published on January 25, 2024
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Written by Anna Gasperlin

In the dynamic landscape of legal practice, where time is a precious resource, the pursuit of efficiency has become paramount. Manual tasks and processes in law firms can be a bottleneck to growth, often leading to delays, errors, and missed opportunities.

Enter Lawmatics, a beacon of innovation designed to transform the way legal professionals operate.


Manual handling of intake processes, including forms, marketing tracking, new lead follow-ups, and pipeline management, can lead to inefficiencies, delays, and potential errors. Recognizing these challenges, Lawmatics provides a solution to eliminate manual work in each of these areas. Let's explore how you can transform and streamline your client onboarding for a more efficient and error-free process.

Forms and Documents

One of the simplest ways to collect leads is via a Contact Us form on your firm’s website. Lawmatics makes it easy to embed a contact form on your site, which seamlessly channels new leads directly into your CRM.

You also have complete control over the fields, styling, colors, and more of your website form.

Once a web form has collected your leads, the completion of said form can be set to trigger further steps in your process such as sending a more robust intake form or document request.

Lawmatics uses sophisticated conditional logic to give your clients the best possible experience when filling out your forms, making sure that they only need to answer questions that are relevant to their matter.

This is also incredibly useful for your staff, since they no longer need to to manually filter through unanswered questions or data that doesn’t apply to the matter at hand.

Similarly, Lawmatics documents are also a highly customizable and automateable part of your intake. Build a template once, including options like conditional logic and e-signature, and you’ll never need to manually draft that document ever again.

Forms and documents alike can be built into your automated workflows to ensure that the right template is sent out exactly when it’s needed – without you or your staff needing to take the time to manually send it.

Marketing Sources

Allocating your marketing budget requires pinpointing the most lucrative marketing sources. In the past, manually tracking down lead sources and assigning tags or attributions may have been the norm. With Lawmatics, you can set and forget.

Simply configure your marketing sources in your account settings, after which you can create Automations to tag your leads automatically based on the source they enter the CRM from.

Lawmatics will then take charge of assigning all of your incoming leads accordingly, freeing up your time to spend on other tasks. And when it comes time to evaluate marketing campaigns, you’ll have perfect data to consider.

Follow Ups

No matter the stage of the client journey, communication is key for staying top of mind. Lawmatics makes it easy to create automated follow-ups and check-ins, ensuring prompt and consistent communication without manual effort on your end.

Create a simple drip campaign using any trigger of your choice to keep in touch with your leads.

These campaigns can be as long or short as you wish, and you can increase the odds of engagement by opting for a variety of communication mediums like text messages or emails.


One of the most beloved features of Lawmatics, the intake pipeline, is your go-to for staying on top of all of your leads as they progress through your sales funnel. While you have the option to use the pipeline feature as a drag-and-drop tool (manually), the flow of clients through your pipeline can be automated to eliminate any human error.

For instance, any new lead entering your pipeline can automatically be placed in the New Lead stage using a “change attributes” action in an Automation. Likewise, when they schedule their consultation, they’ll automatically progress to the next stage.

No more manually updating statuses or tracking lead progress in a spreadsheet. The pipeline is your one-stop shop for knowing exactly where a lead is at all times.

Case Management

Automation in case management – taking on tasks like scheduling, task allocation, conflict checking, and payments – significantly reduces manual effort and human error. Implementing automated systems provides convenience and efficiency for both clients and staff.


There are several ways to use Lawmatics to take the manual work out of your scheduling:

  1. Booking links allow clients to book their own meetings based on your availability. They also allow you to set custom availability for different event types, so that your appointments are booked according to your specifications.
  2. Booking forms are useful when you need to collect additional information from the client, since it serves as a form and a scheduler all in one automatic step. No more phone tag or rescheduling hassle.


Tasks are commonly seen as an inherently manual aspect of law firm operations. With Lawmatics, that’s not necessarily the case. Our automatic task system allows you to create templated tasks as part of an Automation.

Not only can the system assign tasks, but it can also trigger a further step in your process once a particular task has been completed.

Have certain tasks that must be assigned and completed on a recurring basis? Lawmatics can handle that too. Build a recurrence schedule just once, and then you’ll be set for those tasks for life.

Conflict Checking

You may be so accustomed to running manual conflict checks that it’s never even occurred to you to automate this process. Lawmatics changes the game.

Our sophisticated conflict checking system allows you to template your search terms using merge fields.

The system then examines potential matches closely and verifies or flags the check accordingly. Make informed decisions about your clientele and ethical obligations without having to filter through paper records.

Client Portal

For the client who loves to take their matter into their own hands, Lawmatics offers the Client Portal. This feature grants your client full access to a personalized hub of all case details such as communication logs, documents, etc.

Simply use our Automation action to invite them to the Portal upon the appropriate trigger, then automatically share any tasks, appointments, forms, and documents to their Portal.

This gives them the chance to review their items on their own terms, without requiring any response or action from you.


While all elements of your practice are important, there are arguably none as important as receiving payment for your services.

Through the use of our innovative LMPay system or through our LawPay integration, Lawmatics makes invoicing a simple set-and-forget process. Create custom invoice types with an optional default (that always be edited for one-off invoices if needed) and send an invoice automatically when you need to.

We even offer a simple solution for collecting in-form payments for consultations or other paid meetings called the Payment Gateway.

If you’re not yet using LMPay, feel free to reach out to to get started.


Networking and marketing tasks – like event hosting, marketing emails, and referrals – are vital for nurturing client relationships and generating leads. Manually managing these activities can be time-consuming. Automating these efforts enables consistent and personalized communication, fostering stronger relationships and expanding the firm's reach.


Hosting events is a great way to keep in touch with your network and your local community. Use Lawmatics to easily create your events and collect attendees, whether they’re in-person happy hours or virtual webinars.

Event registration can be added onto a form, so that registrants are collected automatically, even giving them the opportunity to choose from multiple events that might interest them.

Take things a step further and include an automated message (or any other action item) that triggers upon event registration.

Drip Campaigns

While we already mentioned email campaigns for intake automation, they’re also incredibly useful for keeping in touch with your entire book of business. For example, you might have a drip campaign that triggers upon the completion of matter, initiating a sequence of follow-ups and check-ins for that client now that their case is finished.

It may seem daunting to write all of those emails. Don’t worry – Lawmatics has an automated solution for that too. Use LM[AI] to draft your emails with our artificial intelligence.

You have the option to let LM[AI] write your emails entirely, or simply use it as a jumping off point for creating your email content.

Date-Based Email Campaigns

In addition to drip campaigns, Lawmatics is also your solution for automated email campaigns that must be sent on a particular date. This can be automated for a date unique to a particular client, such as a birthdate or anniversary, as well as for holidays and firm announcements.

Lawmatics makes it easy to create your email, and then automate it to send on a particular date and time (or the date and time populated into a variable field).

The campaign will also automatically log your performance statistics such as opens, clicks, and bounces, for you to review at your convenience.


The era of manual work in law firms is now an epoch of the past. The shift towards automation isn't merely a technological trend; it's a strategic imperative. By leveraging the power of Lawmatics to eliminate manual work, law firms can reclaim valuable time, reduce errors, and fortify their foundations for sustainable growth. The journey toward a more efficient, client-centered, and future-ready legal practice begins with embracing the transformative capabilities of Lawmatics. Here's to a future where manual work takes a back seat, allowing law firms to focus on what truly matters – delivering exceptional legal services with precision and ease.

Anna Gasperlin

Anna is the head of Product Education at Lawmatics, the #1 attorney-client relationship management platform that provides law firms with client intake, CRM, and marketing automation.
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