February 2024 Feature Release

Published on February 27, 2024
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Written by Devon Roth

Get ready to fall in love with the latest Lawmatics updates in our February release! Cupid may have his arrows, but our quiver is loaded with features to optimize scheduling, supercharge your document generation, and simplify your data management.

Balance your intake team’s calendars with Round-Robin pools

Struggling with uneven staff schedules? Too many appointments on one calendar and too few on another? Round-Robin pools are here to balance your team’s workload. The new Round-Robin tab, found on your settings page, is your home for creating distinct user groups to balance your team’s workloads during the intake process. Once activated on your booking form, appointments are automatically and evenly distributed among your team members, eliminating the need for manual scheduling.

NOTE: This feature is available to the Professional pricing plan and above. If you are not on either of those plans but are interested in using Round-Robin, please contact support@lawmatics.com.

To learn more about Round-Robin settings click here.

Send one-off documents — without using a template

We’ve streamlined your document sharing process. Previously, sharing unique documents required uploading them as templates, even if they were single use. Now, with our latest update, you can bypass this step entirely for one-off documents. Navigate to the matter page, select “Send Document”, and upload your PDF. This enhancement simplifies the process, making it easier to share documents that are unique to a specific matter or contact without cluttering your template library.

Learn more about how to send a one-off document here.

Quickly locate records and assets with overhauled search bar

Your CRM should keep your data and client information at your fingertips. We’ve overhauled our search bar to make it even easier to find what you need. New headers keep your searches organized so you can effortlessly sift through matters, contacts, companies, and clients. But wait, there’s more! Your searches now also include assets like forms, documents, emails, Automations, and more.

Filter custom reports with appointment fields

Now, you can easily track appointments within a specific time period and monitor your client conversion rates. With the inclusion of appointment-based fields as filters in your custom reports, you have the power to unlock deeper insights and enhance your reporting capabilities with appointment-specific data. Gain a clearer understanding of your business and make data-informed decisions to drive growth.

Explore custom report filters here.

Easily export trust account data

With one click, you can export your trust account page as a .csv spreadsheet. This provides a convenient option for law firms to maintain detailed records of their systems, and stay compliant with any state bar regulations regarding financial accountability.

NOTE: This feature is only available to our Time & Billing users.

Learn more about trust accounts here.

As always, we love your feedback and encourage you to reach out with any questions or suggestions. Thank you for being a valued member of our community. Together, we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible for law firms.

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Devon Roth

Devon is Product Manager at Lawmatics, a corgi fanatic, and a born and raised Seattleite turned SoCal lover. She works with all departments at Lawmatics to ensure that our customers have the best experience using a platform that never stops improving.
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