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Kenect integration overview

Sync contacts from Lawmatics directly into your Kenect account, track real-time text conversations, and automate case messages based on Lawmatics case status.

Here’s what you get with this integration:
  • Sync contacts from Lawmatics to your Kenect account
  • View a log of Kenect text conversations on your Lawmatics matters, posted in real time
  • Sync new Kenect leads to Lawmatics
  • Trigger case messages in Kenect based on Lawmatics case status

Kenect integrates with these Lawmatics features

Matter and contact sync
Text messaging
Matter activity tracking

Integration features

Contact transferring

Kenect syncs seamlessly with Lawmatics to transfer over any new leads between the two platforms.

Text conversation logging

All text message threads from Kenect will be logged automatically and instantaneously on the matter’s activity timeline in Lawmatics.

Trigger Kenect case messages

Use the Lawmatics matter status to trigger case messages in Kenect.


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Lawmatics subscription

Works with all Lawmatics plans
Lawmatics account permissions

No permissions required
Kenect account permissions

No permissions required